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  • گر چه ظلمت آمد آن نوم و سبات ** نی درون ظلمت است آب حیات‌‌
  • Although that sleep and rest are darkness, is not the Water of Life within the darkness?
  • نی در آن ظلمت خردها تازه شد ** سکته‌‌ای سرمایه‌‌ی آوازه شد
  • Did not minds become refreshed in that darkness? Did not a pause (in recitation) become the source of (increased beauty in) the voice?
  • که ز ضدها ضدها آمد پدید ** در سویدا روشنایی آفرید 3865
  • For contraries are manifested by means of contraries: in the black core (of the heart) He (God) created the light (of love).
  • جنگ پیغمبر مدار صلح شد ** صلح این آخر زمان ز آن جنگ بد
  • The wars of the Prophet became the pivot (determining cause) of peace: the peace of this latter age was (produced) from those wars.
  • صد هزاران سر برید آن دلستان ** تا امان یابد سر اهل جهان‌‌
  • That heart-ravisher cut off hundreds of thousands of heads, in order that the heads of the (whole) world's people might win security.
  • باغبان ز آن می‌‌برد شاخ مضر ** تا بیابد نخل قامتها و بر
  • The gardener lops the harmful bough, in order that the date-palm may gain (tallness of) stature and goodness.
  • می‌‌کند از باغ دانا آن حشیش ** تا نماید باغ و میوه خرمیش‌‌
  • The expert (gardener) digs up the weeds from the garden, in order that his garden and fruit may look flourishing.
  • می‌‌کند دندان بد را آن طبیب ** تا رهد از درد و بیماری حبیب‌‌ 3870
  • The physician extracts bad teeth, in order that the beloved (patient) may be saved from pain and sickness.
  • بس زیادتها درون نقصهاست ** مر شهیدان را حیات اندر فناست‌‌
  • Advantages, then, are (concealed) within defects: for martyrs there is life in death.
  • چون بریده گشت حلق رزق خوار ** یرزقون فرحین شد گوار
  • When the (martyr's) throat has been cut that swallowed the daily bread, (the spiritual blessings implied in the text) receiving the (Divine) bounty, rejoicing, shall be delicious (to him).