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  • بد گمانی کردن و حرص آوری ** کفر باشد پیش خوان مهتری‌‌
  • To show suspicion and greed at the table of Majesty is ingratitude.
  • ز ان گدا رویان نادیده ز آز ** آن در رحمت بر ایشان شد فراز
  • Because of those impudent wretches who were blinded by greed, that gate of mercy was closed upon them.
  • ابر برناید پی منع زکات ** وز زنا افتد وبا اندر جهات‌‌
  • On account of withholding the poor-tax no rain-clouds arise, and in consequence of fornication the plague spreads in all directions.
  • هر چه بر تو آید از ظلمات و غم ** آن ز بی‌‌باکی و گستاخی است هم‌‌
  • Whatever befalls thee of gloom and sorrow is the result of irreverence and insolence withal.
  • هر که بی‌‌باکی کند در راه دوست ** ره زن مردان شد و نامرد اوست‌‌ 90
  • Any one behaving with irreverence in the path of the Friend is a brigand who robs men, and he is no man.
  • از ادب پر نور گشته است این فلک ** وز ادب معصوم و پاک آمد ملک‌‌
  • Through discipline this Heaven has been filled with light, and through discipline the angels became immaculate and holy.
  • بد ز گستاخی کسوف آفتاب ** شد عزازیلی ز جرات رد باب‌‌
  • By reason of irreverence the sun was eclipsed, and insolence caused an ‘Azázíl to be turned back from the door.
  • ملاقات پادشاه با آن ولی که در خوابش نمودند
  • The meeting of the king with the saint whose coming had been shown to him in a dream.
  • دست بگشاد و کنارانش گرفت ** همچو عشق اندر دل و جانش گرفت‌‌
  • He (the king) opened his hands and clasped him to his breast and received him, like love, into his heart and soul,
  • دست و پیشانیش بوسیدن گرفت ** وز مقام و راه پرسیدن گرفت‌‌
  • And began to kiss his hand and brow and inquire concerning his home and journey.
  • پرس پرسان می‌‌کشیدش تا به صدر ** گفت گنجی یافتم آخر به صبر 95
  • (So) with many a question he led him to the dais. “At last,” said he, “I have found a treasure by being patient.”