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  • ور شکستی ناگهان سرگین خر ** خانه‌ها پر گند گردد تا به سر
  • And if you suddenly crush the dung of an ass, the houses will be filled to the top with stench.
  • وقت واگشت حدیبیه بذل ** دولت انا فتحنا زد دهل
  • At the moment of the (Prophet's) ignominious return from Hudaybiya, the empire of Lo, We have opened (to thee the way to a conspicuous) victory proclaimed itself.
  • سر آنک بی‌مراد بازگشتن رسول علیه السلام از حدیبیه حق تعالی لقب آن فتح کرد کی انا فتحنا کی به صورت غلق بود و به معنی فتح چنانک شکستن مشک به ظاهر شکستن است و به معنی درست کردنست مشکی او را و تکمیل فواید اوست
  • The hidden reason why God most High gave the title of “victory” to the return of the Prophet, on whom be peace, from Hudaybiya without having gained his purpose: as (God said), “Lo, We have opened (to thee the way to) victory”; for it was a locking in appearance (only), and in reality an opening, just as the crushing of musk is apparently a crushing, but really the confirmation of its muskiness and the exhibition of its virtues in their perfection.
  • آمدش پیغام از دولت که رو ** تو ز منع این ظفر غمگین مشو
  • From the (Divine) empire came to him the message, “Go, be not saddened by the withholding of this victory,
  • کاندرین خواری نقدت فتحهاست ** نک فلان قلعه فلان بقعه تراست
  • For in this present abasement of thee there are victories: lo, such and such a fortress, such and such a town, are (given) to thee.”
  • بنگر آخر چونک واگردید تفت ** بر قریظه و بر نضیر از وی چه رفت 4505
  • Consider, after all, when he retreated in haste, what (great things) he did against Qurayza and Nadír.
  • قلعه‌ها هم گرد آن دو بقعه‌ها ** شد مسلم وز غنایم نفعها
  • The fortresses, also, round those two settlements submitted (to him), and (many) advantages (in the shape) of spoils (came into his hands).
  • ور نباشد آن تو بنگر کین فریق ** پر غم و رنجند و مفتون و عشیق
  • And if that be not so, consider that this class (of persons) are sorrowful and woeful and distraught and enamoured (of God).
  • زهر خواری را چو شکر می‌خورند ** خار غمها را چو اشتر می‌چرند
  • They eat the poison of abasement, like sugar; they feed, like camels, on the thistle of sorrows.
  • بهر عین غم نه از بهر فرج ** این تسافل پیش ایشان چون درج
  • (This they do) for the sake of the sorrow itself, not for the sake of relief (from sorrow): in their eyes this lowliness is as a ladder.
  • آنچنان شادند اندر قعر چاه ** که همی‌ترسند از تخت و کلاه 4510
  • So glad are they at the bottom of the pit that they are afraid of the throne and the tiara.