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  • پس چرا کارم که اینجا خوف هست ** من چرا افشانم این گندم ز دست
  • Why, then, should I sow? for there is danger in this respect. Why should I scatter this corn(-seed) from my hand?”
  • و آنک او نگذاشت کشت و کار را ** پر کند کوری تو انبار را
  • And (meanwhile) he who did not neglect to sow and labour fills his barn (with grain), to your confusion.
  • چون دری می‌کوفت او از سلوتی ** عاقبت در یافت روزی خلوتی
  • Since he (the lover) was patiently knocking at a door, at last one day he obtained a meeting in private.
  • جست از بیم عسس شب او به باغ ** یار خود را یافت چون شمع و چراغ
  • From fear of the night-patrol he sprang by night into the orchard: (there) he found his beloved, (radiant) as candle and lamp.
  • گفت سازنده‌ی سبب را آن نفس ** ای خدا تو رحمتی کن بر عسس 4805
  • At that moment he said to the Maker of the means (by which he had attained to his desire), “O God, have mercy on the night-patrol!
  • ناشناسا تو سببها کرده‌ای ** از در دوزخ بهشتم برده‌ای
  • Unbeknown (to me), Thou hast created the means: from the gate of Hell Thou hast brought me to Paradise.
  • بهر آن کردی سبب این کار را ** تا ندارم خوار من یک خار را
  • Thou hast made this affair (dread of the night-patrol) a means, to the end that I may not hold (even) a single thorn in contempt.”
  • در شکست پای بخشد حق پری ** هم ز قعر چاه بگشاید دری
  • In (consequence of) the fracture of a leg God bestows a wing; likewise from the depths of the pit He opens a door (of escape).
  • تو مبین که بر درختی یا به چاه ** تو مرا بین که منم مفتاح راه
  • (God saith), “Do not consider whether thou art on a tree or in a pit: consider Me, for I am the Key of the Way.”
  • گر تو خواهی باقی این گفت و گو ** ای اخی در دفتر چارم بجو 4810
  • If you wish (to read) the rest of this tale, seek (it), O my brother, in the Fourth Book.