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  • که صفر بگذشت و شد ماه ربیع ** مژده‌ور باشم مر او را و شفیع 2590
  • That Safar is past and that the month of Rabí‘ is come—for him I will be a bearer of good news and an intercessor.”
  • گفت عکاشه صفر بگذشت و رفت ** گفت که جنت ترا ای شیر زفت
  • ‘Ukkásha said, “Safar is past and gone.” He (Mohammed) said, “O mighty lion (valiant hero), Paradise is thine.”
  • دیگری آمد که بگذشت آن صفر ** گفت عکاشه ببرد از مژده بر
  • Some one else came, saying, “Safar is past.” He (Mohammed) said, “‘Ukkásha has borne away the fruit (has gained the reward) for the good news.”
  • پس رجال از نقل عالم شادمان ** وز بقااش شادمان این کودکان
  • Men, therefore, rejoice in the world's departing (from them), while these children rejoice in its abiding (with them).
  • چونک آب خوش ندید آن مرغ کور ** پیش او کوثر نیامد آب شور
  • Inasmuch as the blind bird did not see the sweet water, the briny water seems to it (like) Kawthar.
  • هم‌چنین موسی کرامت می‌شمرد ** که نگردد صاف اقبال تو درد 2595
  • Thus was Moses enumerating the (gifts of) grace, saying, “The pure (liquor) of thy fortune will not be turned into dregs.”
  • گفت احسنت و نکو گفت ولیک ** تا کنم من مشورت با یار نیک
  • He (Pharaoh) said, “Thou hast done well and spoken well, but (give me time) that I may take counsel with (my) good friend.”
  • مشورت کردن فرعون با ایسیه در ایمان آوردن به موسی علیه‌السلام
  • How Pharaoh took counsel with Ésiya (Ásiya) as to believing in Moses, on whom be peace.
  • باز گفت او این سخن با ایسیه ** گفت جان افشان برین ای دل‌سیه
  • He related these words (of Moses) to Ésiya. She said, “Offer up thy soul to this, O black-hearted one,
  • بس عنایتهاست متن این مقال ** زود در یاب ای شه نیکو خصال
  • At the back of this speech (of Moses) are many (Divine) favours: enjoy (them) quickly, O virtuous king!
  • وقت کشت آمد زهی پر سود کشت ** این بگفت و گریه کرد و گرم گشت
  • The hour of sowing is come: bravo, (what) a profitable sowing!” She said this and wept and became hot (in urging him).