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  • This is (constitutes) the derivatives (of the subject), and its fundamental principles are that to exalt one’s self is (to claim) copartnership with God. 2765
  • این فروعست و اصولش آن بود ** که ترفع شرکت یزدان بود
  • Unless thou hast died and become living through Him, thou art an enemy seeking to reign in copartnership (with Him)
  • چون نمردی و نگشتی زنده زو ** یاغیی باشی به شرکت ملک‌جو
  • When thou hast become living through Him, that (which thou hast become) is in sooth He: it is absolute Unity; how is it co partnership?
  • چون بدو زنده شدی آن خود ویست ** وحدت محضست آن شرکت کیست
  • Seek the explanation of this in the mirror of (devotional) works, for thou wilt not gain the understanding of it from speech and discourse.
  • شرح این در آینه‌ی اعمال جو ** که نیابی فهم آن از گفت و گو
  • If I tell that which I have within, many hearts will immediately be turned into blood,
  • گر بگویم آنچ دارم در درون ** بس جگرها گردد اندر حال خون
  • I will refrain; indeed, for the intelligent this (which has been said) is enough: I have shouted twice, if any one is in the village 2770
  • بس کنم خود زیرکان را این بس است ** بانگ دو کردم اگر در ده کس است
  • To sum up, Hámán by means of those evil words waylaid Pharaoh in such a (terrible) way as this.
  • حاصل آن هامان بدان گفتار بد ** این چنین راهی بر آن فرعون زد
  • The morsel, felicity, had reached his (Pharaoh’s) mouth, (when) he (Hámán) suddenly cut his throat.
  • لقمه‌ی دولت رسیده تا دهان ** او گلوی او بریده ناگهان
  • He gave Pharaoh’s stack to the wind (destroyed him): may no king have such a minister!
  • خرمن فرعون را داد او به باد ** هیچ شه را این چنین صاحب مباد
  • How Moses, on whom be peace, despaired of Pharaoh’s accepting the true faith, because the words of Hámán made an impression on Pharaoh’s heart.
  • نومید شدن موسی علیه‌السلام از ایمام فرعون به تاثیر کردن سخن هامان در دل فرعون
  • Moses said, “We have shown kindness and generosity, (but) verily it was not the portion allotted to thy dominion
  • گفت موسی لطف بنمودیم وجود ** خود خداوندیت را روزی نبود