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  • He who has such a great talent in his beard—our arrest is the result of his enquiry.” 2855
  • آنک چندین خاصیت در ریش اوست  ** این گرفت ما هم از تفتیش اوست 
  • His (the thief's) eye was a knower of the King: consequently he opened his lips (to speak) of (mystic) knowledge to his followers.
  • عارف شه بود چشمش لاجرم  ** بر گشاد از معرفت لب با حشم 
  • He said, “This King was (the subject of) and He is with you: he was seeing our actions and hearing our secret.
  • گفت و هو معکم این شاه بود  ** فعل ما می‌دید و سرمان می‌شنود 
  • My eye made its way (to him), recognised the King by night, and all night long played the game of love with his moon-like face.
  • چشم من ره برد شب شه را شناخت  ** جمله شب با روی ماهش عشق باخت 
  • I will beg (forgiveness for) my people from him, for he never averts his face from the knower.
  • امت خود را بخواهم من ازو  ** کو نگرداند ز عارف هیچ رو 
  • Deem the eye of the knower to be the salvation of the two worlds, whereby every Bahrám (sovereign) obtained help. 2860
  • چشم عارف دان امان هر دو کون  ** که بدو یابید هر بهرام عون 
  • Mohammed was the intercessor for every brand (of disgrace) because his eye did not swerve for aught except God.
  • زان محمد شافع هر داغ بود  ** که ز جز شه چشم او مازاغ بود 
  • In the night of this world, where the sun (of Reality) is veiled, he was beholding God, and (all) his hope was in Him.
  • در شب دنیا که محجوبست شید  ** ناظر حق بود و زو بودش امید 
  • His eyes received collyrium from Did not We expand (thy breast)? He saw that which Gabriel could not endure.
  • از الم نشرح دو چشمش سرمه یافت  ** دید آنچ جبرئیل آن بر نتافت 
  • The orphan to whom (to whose eyes) God applies collyrium becomes the orphan (unique) pearl endowed with (Divine) guidance.
  • مر یتیمی را که سرمه حق کشد  ** گردد او در یتیم با رشد