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  • خواند بر شیر او از این رو پندها ** گفت من پس مانده‌‌ام زین بندها
  • From this point of view he (the hare) recited counsels to the lion. “I have lagged behind,” said he, “because of these bonds.”
  • پرسیدن شیر از سبب پای واپس کشیدن خرگوش‌‌
  • How the lion asked the reason of the hare's drawing back.
  • شیر گفتش تو ز اسباب مرض ** این سبب گو خاص کاین استم غرض‌‌
  • The lion said to him, “Amongst (all) the causes of your malady tell (me) the special cause, for this is my object.”
  • گفت آن شیر اندر این چه ساکن است ** اندر این قلعه ز آفات ایمن است‌‌
  • “That lion,” he said, “lives in this well: within this fortress he is safe from harms.”
  • قعر چه بگزید هر کی عاقل است ** ز آن که در خلوت صفاهای دل است‌‌
  • Every one who is wise chose the bottom of the well (to live in), because spiritual joys are (to be attained only) in solitude.
  • ظلمت چه به که ظلمتهای خلق ** سر نبرد آن کس که گیرد پای خلق‌‌ 1300
  • The darkness of the well is better than the dark shades of the world: he that followed at the heels of the world never saved his head.
  • گفت پیش آ زخمم او را قاهر است ** تو ببین کان شیر در چه حاضر است‌‌
  • “Come on,” said the lion; “my blow subdues him: see thou whether that lion is in the well at present.”
  • گفت من سوزیده‌‌ام ز آن آتشی ** تو مگر اندر بر خویشم کشی‌‌
  • The hare answered, “I am consumed with (dread of) that fieriness (wrath): perhaps thou wilt take me beside thee,
  • تا بپشت تو من ای کان کرم ** چشم بگشایم به چه در بنگرم‌‌
  • That with thy support, O mine of generosity, I may open my eyes and look into the well.”
  • نظر کردن شیر در چاه و دیدن عکس خود را و آن خرگوش را
  • How the lion looked into the well and saw the reflexion of himself and the hare.
  • چون که شیر اندر بر خویشش کشید ** در پناه شیر تا چه می‌‌دوید
  • When the lion took him to his side, under the lion's protection he began to run towards the well.
  • چون که در چه بنگریدند اندر آب ** اندر آب از شیر و او در تافت تاب‌‌ 1305
  • As soon as they looked at the water in the well, there shone forth in the water the light (reflected) from the lion and him (the hare).