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  • چون شنید از سنگها بو جهل این ** زد ز خشم آن سنگها را بر زمین‌‌ 2160
  • When Bú Jahl heard this from the pebbles, in his anger he dashed those pebbles on the ground.
  • بقیه‌‌ی قصه‌‌ی مطرب و پیغام رسانیدن عمر به او آن چه هاتف آواز داد
  • The rest of the story of the minstrel, and how the Commander of the Faithful, ‘Umar, may God be well-pleased with him, conveyed to him the message spoken by the heavenly voice.
  • باز گرد و حال مطرب گوش دار ** ز آن که عاجز گشت مطرب ز انتظار
  • Turn back and hear the plight of the minstrel, for the minstrel had (now) become desperate from waiting (so long).
  • بانگ آمد مر عمر را کای عمر ** بنده‌‌ی ما را ز حاجت باز خر
  • The voice (of God) came to ‘Umar, saying, “O ‘Umar, redeem Our servant from want.
  • بنده‌‌ای داریم خاص و محترم ** سوی گورستان تو رنجه کن قدم‌‌
  • We have a servant, a favourite and highly esteemed one: take the trouble to go on foot to the graveyard.
  • ای عمر برجه ز بیت المال عام ** هفت صد دینار در کف نه تمام‌‌
  • O ‘Umar, spring up and put in thy hand full seven hundred dínárs from the public treasury.
  • پیش او بر کای تو ما را اختیار ** این قدر بستان کنون معذور دار 2165
  • Carry them to him (and say), ‘O thou who art Our choice, accept this sum now and excuse (Us for offering such a small gift).
  • این قدر از بهر ابریشم بها ** خرج کن چون خرج شد اینجا بیا
  • Spend this amount on the price (purchase) of silk: when it is spent, come here (again).’”
  • پس عمر ز آن هیبت آواز جست ** تا میان را بهر این خدمت ببست‌‌
  • Then ‘Umar in awe of that voice sprang up that he might gird his loins for this service.
  • سوی گورستان عمر بنهاد رو ** در بغل همیان دوان در جستجو
  • ‘Umar set his face towards the graveyard with the purse under his arm, running in search (of God's favourite).
  • گرد گورستان دوانه شد بسی ** غیر آن پیر او ندید آن جا کسی‌‌
  • Long did he run round about the graveyard: he saw there no one but that old man.