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  • نان دهی از بهر حق نانت دهند ** جان دهی از بهر حق جانت دهند
  • If you give bread for God's sake, you will be given bread (in return); if you give your life for God's sake, you will be given life (in return).
  • گر بریزد برگهای این چنار ** برگ بی‌‌برگیش بخشد کردگار
  • If the leaves of this plane-tree drop off, the Creator will bestow on it the provision of leaflessness (spiritual poverty).
  • گر نماند از جود در دست تو مال ** کی کند فضل خدایت پای مال‌‌
  • If because of your liberality no wealth remains in your hand, how should the bounty of God let you be down-trodden?
  • هر که کارد گردد انبارش تهی ** لیکش اندر مزرعه باشد بهی‌‌
  • When any one sows, his barn becomes empty (of seed), but there is goodliness in his cornfield;
  • و آن که در انبار ماند و صرفه کرد ** اشپش و موش و حوادث پاک خورد 2240
  • And, if he leaves it (the seed) in the barn and saves it up, weevils and mice and calamities (of time and decay) devour it entirely.
  • این جهان نفی است در اثبات جو ** صورتت صفر است در معنات جو
  • This world is negation (of reality): seek (reality) in affirmation (of God). Your form (body) is void (of reality): seek in your essence.
  • جان شور تلخ پیش تیغ بر ** جان چون دریای شیرین را بخر
  • Bring the briny bitter (animal) soul to the sword: buy the (heavenly) soul that is like a great sweet river.
  • ور نمی‌‌دانی شدن زین آستان ** باری از من گوش کن این داستان‌‌
  • And if you cannot become (one of the frequenters) of this threshold (sublime court), at least hear from me the following tale.
  • قصه‌‌ی خلیفه که در کرم در زمان خود از حاتم طایی گذشته بود و نظیر خود نداشت‌‌
  • The story of the Caliph who in his time surpassed Hátim of Tayyi in generosity and had no rival.
  • یک خلیفه بود در ایام پیش ** کرده حاتم را غلام جود خویش‌‌
  • In former days there was a Caliph who made Hátim the slave of his liberality.
  • رایت اکرام و داد افراشته ** فقر و حاجت از جهان برداشته‌‌ 2245
  • He had raised high the banner of munificence and largesse, he had removed poverty and want from the world.