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  • ظاهر ما چون درون مدعی ** در دلش ظلمت زبانش شعشعی‌‌
  • Our outward appearance is like the inward reality of the impostor: darkness in his heart, his tongue flashy (plausible).
  • از خدا بویی نه او را نی اثر ** دعویش افزون ز شیث و بو البشر
  • He has no scent or trace of God, (but) his pretension is greater than (that of) Seth and the Father of mankind (Adam).
  • دیو ننموده و را هم نقش خویش ** او همی‌‌گوید ز ابدالیم و بیش‌‌
  • The Devil (is so ashamed of him that he) has not shown to him even his portrait, (yet) he (the impostor) is saying, ‘We are of the Abdál and are more (we are superior even to them).’
  • حرف درویشان بدزدیده بسی ** تا گمان آید که هست او خود کسی‌‌
  • He has stolen many an expression used by dervishes, in order that he himself may be thought to be a (holy) personage.
  • خرده گیرد در سخن بر بایزید ** ننگ دارد از درون او یزید 2275
  • In his talk he cavils at Báyazíd, (although) Yazíd would be ashamed of his inward (thoughts and feelings).
  • بی‌‌نوا از نان و خوان آسمان ** پیش او ننداخت حق یک استخوان‌‌
  • (He is) without (any) portion of the bread and viands of Heaven: God did not throw a single bone to him.
  • او ندا کرده که خوان بنهاده‌‌ام ** نایب حقم خلیفه زاده‌‌ام‌‌
  • He has proclaimed, ‘I have laid out the dishes, I am the Vicar of God, I am the son of the (spiritual) Khalífa:
  • الصلا ساده دلان پیچ پیچ ** تا خورید از خوان جودم سیر هیچ‌‌
  • Welcome (to the feast), O simple-hearted ones, tormented (with hunger), that from my bounteous table ye may eat your fill’—of nothing.
  • سالها بر وعده‌‌ی فردا کسان ** گرد آن در گشته فردا نارسان‌‌
  • Some persons, (relying) on the promise of ‘To-morrow,’ have wandered for years around that door, (but) ‘To-morrow’ never comes.
  • دیر باید تا که سر آدمی ** آشکارا گردد از بیش و کمی‌‌ 2280
  • It needs a long time for the inmost conscience of a man to become evident, more and less (both in great and small matters),