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  • در سه گز قالب که دادش وا نمود ** هر چه در الواح و در ارواح بود
  • Who, in the body three cubits long which He gave him, displayed everything that was contained in the tablets (of destiny) and the (world of) spirits.
  • تا ابد هر چه بود او پیش پیش ** درس کرد از علم الاسماء خویش‌‌
  • Through his He (God) taught him (Adam) the Names (through his God-given knowledge) he at the very first gave instruction (to the angels) concerning everything that shall come to pass unto everlasting,
  • تا ملک بی‌‌خود شد از تدریس او ** قدس دیگر یافت از تقدیس او 2650
  • So that the angels became beside themselves (in amazement) at his teaching, and gained from his glorification (of God) a holiness other (than they possessed before).
  • آن گشادی‌‌شان کز آدم رو نمود ** در گشاد آسمانهاشان نبود
  • The revelation that appeared to them from Adam was not (contained) in the amplitude of their heavens.
  • در فراخی عرصه‌‌ی آن پاک جان ** تنگ آمد عرصه‌‌ی هفت آسمان‌‌
  • In comparison with the spaciousness of the range of that pure spirit (Adam), the expanse of the seven heavens became narrow.
  • گفت پیغمبر که حق فرموده است ** من نگنجم هیچ در بالا و پست‌‌
  • The Prophet said that God has said, ‘I am not contained at all in “high” and “low” (spatial dimensions);
  • در زمین و آسمان و عرش نیز ** من نگنجم این یقین دان ای عزیز
  • I am not contained in earth or heaven or even in the empyrean—know this for certain, O noble one;
  • در دل مومن بگنجم ای عجب ** گر مرا جویی در آن دلها طلب‌‌ 2655
  • (But) I am contained in the true believer's heart: oh, how wonderful! If thou seekest Me, search in those hearts.’
  • گفت ادخل فی عبادی تلتقی ** جنة من رؤیتی یا متقی‌‌
  • He (God) said (also), ‘Enter among My servants, thou wilt meet with a Paradise (consisting) of vision of Me, O God-fearing one.’
  • عرش با آن نور با پهنای خویش ** چون بدید آن را برفت از جای خویش‌‌
  • The empyrean, notwithstanding its wide (far-extending) light, when it beheld that (spirit of Adam), was confounded.