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  • گفت زن یک آفتابی تافته ست ** عالمی زو روشنایی یافته ست‌‌
  • The wife said, “A sun has shone forth, a (whole) world has received light from him—
  • نایب رحمان خلیفه‌‌ی کردگار ** شهر بغداد است از وی چون بهار 2685
  • The Vicar of the Merciful (God), the Khalífa of the Creator: through him the city of Baghdád is (gay and happy) as the season of spring.
  • گر بپیوندی بدان شه شه شوی ** سوی هر ادبار تا کی می‌‌روی‌‌
  • If thou gain access to that King, thou wilt become a king: how long wilt thou go after every (kind of) misfortune?”
  • همنشینی مقبلان چون کیمیاست ** چون نظرشان کیمیایی خود کجاست‌‌
  • Companionship with kings is like the Elixir: indeed, how is an Elixir like (to be compared with) their looks (of favour)?
  • چشم احمد بر ابو بکری زده ** او ز یک تصدیق صدیق آمده‌‌
  • The eye of Ahmad (Mohammed) was cast upon an Abú Bakr: he by a single act of faith became a Siddíq.
  • گفت من شه را پذیرا چون شوم ** بی‌‌بهانه سوی او من چون روم‌‌
  • Said the husband, “How should I go to meet the King? How should I go to him without a pretext?
  • نسبتی باید مرا یا حیلتی ** هیچ پیشه راست شد بی‌‌آلتی‌‌ 2690
  • I must have some reference or device: is any handicraft right (possible) without tools?
  • همچو آن مجنون که بشنید از یکی ** که مرض آمد به لیلی اندکی‌‌
  • As (to mention a similar case) the famous Majnún, when he heard from some one that Laylá was a little unwell,
  • گفت آوه بی‌‌بهانه چون روم ** ور بمانم از عیادت چون شوم‌‌
  • Cried, ‘Ah, how shall I go (to her) without a pretext? And if I fail to visit her when she is ill, how (wretched) shall I be!
  • لیتنی کنت طبیبا حاذقا ** کنت أمشی نحو لیلی سابقا
  • Would that I were a skilled physician! I would have gone on foot to Laylá first of all (before any one else).’