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  • خم شکسته آب از او ناریخته ** صد درستی زین شکست انگیخته‌‌
  • The jar is shattered, (but) the water is not spilled from it: from this shattering have arisen a hundred soundnesses.
  • جزو جزو خم به رقص است و به حال ** عقل جزوی را نموده این محال‌‌
  • Every piece of the jar is in dance and ecstasy, (though) to the partial (discursive) reason this seems absurd.
  • نی سبو پیدا در این حالت نه آب ** خوش ببین و الله اعلم بالصواب‌‌
  • In this state (of ecstasy) neither the jug is manifest nor the water. Consider well, and God knoweth best what is right.
  • چون در معنی زنی بازت کنند ** پر فکرت زن که شهبازت کنند 2870
  • When you knock at the door of Reality, it will be opened to you: beat the pinion of thought, in order that you may be made a king-falcon.
  • پر فکرت شد گل آلود و گران ** ز آن که گل خواری ترا گل شد چو نان‌‌
  • The pinion of your thought has become mud-stained and heavy because you are a clay-eater: clay has become to you as bread.
  • نان گل است و گوشت کمتر خور از این ** تا نمانی همچو گل اندر زمین‌‌
  • Bread and meat are (originally) clay: eat little thereof, that you may not remain in the earth, like clay.
  • چون گرسنه می‌‌شوی سگ می‌‌شوی ** تند و بد پیوند و بد رگ می‌‌شوی‌‌
  • When you become hungry, you become a dog: you become fierce and ill-tempered and ill-natured.
  • چون شدی تو سیر مرداری شدی ** بی‌‌خبر بی‌‌پا چو دیواری شدی‌‌
  • When you have eaten your fill, you have become a carcase: you have become devoid of understanding and without feet (inert), like a wall.
  • پس دمی مردار و دیگر دم سگی ** چون کنی در راه شیران خوش تگی‌‌ 2875
  • So at one time you are a carcase and at another time a dog: how will you run well in the road of the lions (follow the saints)?
  • آلت اشکار خود جز سگ مدان ** کمترک انداز سگ را استخوان‌‌
  • Know that your only means of hunting is the dog (the animal soul): throw bones to the dog but seldom,