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  • آن ز من بینید نز خود هین و هین ** تا نچربد بر شما دیو لعین‌‌
  • Oh, beware! Regard that as (coming) from Me, not from yourselves, lest the accursed Devil prevail against you.”
  • آن چنان که کاتب وحی رسول ** دید حکمت در خود و نور اصول‌‌ 3355
  • As (for example) the writer of the Revelation given to the Prophet deemed the Wisdom and the Original Light (to be residing) in himself.
  • خویش را هم صوت مرغان خدا ** می‌‌شمرد آن بد صفیری چون صدا
  • He was reckoning himself a fellow-songster of the Birds of God, (whereas) that (which proceeded from him) was (only) a whistle resembling an echo.
  • لحن مرغان را اگر واصف شوی ** بر مراد مرغ کی واقف شوی‌‌
  • If you become an exponent (imitator) of the song of birds, how will you become acquainted with the (real) meaning of the bird?
  • گر بیاموزی صفیر بلبلی ** تو چه دانی کاو چه دارد با گلی‌‌
  • If you learn the note of a nightingale, how will you know what (feelings) it has towards a rose?
  • ور بدانی باشد آن هم از گمان ** چون ز لب جنبان گمانهای کران‌‌
  • Or if you do know, ’twill only be from surmise, like the conjectures formed by deaf people from those who move their lips.
  • به عیادت رفتن کر بر همسایه‌‌ی رنجور خویش‌‌
  • How the deaf man went to visit his sick neighbour.
  • آن کری را گفت افزون مایه‌‌ای ** که ترا رنجور شد همسایه‌‌ای‌‌ 3360
  • One possessed of much wealth said to a deaf man, “A neighbour of thine is fallen ill.”
  • گفت با خود کر که با گوش گران ** من چه دریابم ز گفت آن جوان‌‌
  • The deaf man said to himself, “Being hard of hearing, what shall I understand of the words spoken by that youth?—
  • خاصه رنجور و ضعیف آواز شد ** لیک باید رفت آن جا نیست بد
  • Especially (as) he is ill and his voice is weak; but I must go thither, there's no escape.
  • چون ببینم کان لبش جنبان شود ** من قیاسی گیرم آن را هم ز خود
  • When I see his lips moving, I will form a conjecture as to that (movement) from myself.