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  • حمله آرند از عدم سوی وجود ** در قیامت هم شکور و هم کنود
  • At Resurrection both the thankful and the ungrateful rush along from non-existence towards existence.
  • سر چه می‌‌پیچی کنی نادیده‌‌ای ** در عدم ز اول نه سرپیچیده‌‌ای‌‌
  • Why do you turn away your head and pretend not to see? Did you not turn away your head at first, (when you were) in non-existence (and disbelieved that you would ever come into existence)?
  • در عدم افشرده بودی پای خویش ** که مرا که بر کند از جای خویش‌‌
  • You had planted your foot (firmly) in non-existence, saying, “Who will uproot me from my place?”
  • می‌‌نبینی صنع ربانیت را ** که کشید او موی پیشانیت را 3680
  • Are not you beholding the action of your Lord, who dragged you (into existence) by the forelock,
  • تا کشیدت اندر این انواع حال ** که نبودت در گمان و در خیال‌‌
  • Until He drew you into (all) these various states (of being), which were not in your thought or fancy?
  • آن عدم او را هماره بنده است ** کار کن دیوا سلیمان زنده است‌‌
  • That non-existence is always His slave: work (in His service), O demon! Solomon is living.
  • دیو می‌‌سازد جفان کالجواب ** زهره نی تا دفع گوید یا جواب‌‌
  • The demon is making large bowls like watering-troughs: he dare not say a word in refusal or in retort.
  • خویش را بین چون همی‌‌لرزی ز بیم ** مر عدم را نیز لرزان دان مقیم‌‌
  • Look at yourself, how you are trembling with fear (of non-existence): know that nonexistence also is constantly trembling (lest God should bring it into existence).
  • ور تو دست اندر مناصب می‌‌زنی ** هم ز ترس است آن که جانی می‌‌کنی‌‌ 3685
  • And if you are grasping at (worldly) dignities, ’tis from fear too that you are suffering agony of spirit.
  • هر چه جز عشق خدای احسن است ** گر شکر خواری است آن جان کندن است‌‌
  • Except love of the most beauteous God everything, though (outwardly) it is (pleasant like) eating sugar, is (in truth) agony of spirit.