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  • هر کسی بر قوم خود ایثار کرد ** کاغه پندارد که او خود کار کرد 3720
  • Every one shows favour to his own folk: the fool (who shows favour to the foolish) thinks he has really done (good and religious) work.
  • خدو انداختن خصم در روی امیر المؤمنین علی علیه السلام و انداختن علی شمشیر را از دست‌‌
  • How an enemy spat in the face of the Prince of the Faithful, ‘Alí, may God honour his person, and how ‘Alí dropped the sword from his hand.
  • از علی آموز اخلاص عمل ** شیر حق را دان مطهر از دغل‌‌
  • Learn how to act sincerely from ‘Alí: know that the Lion of God (‘Alí) was purged of (all) deceit.
  • در غزا بر پهلوانی دست یافت ** زود شمشیری بر آورد و شتافت‌‌
  • In fighting against the infidels he got the upper hand of (vanquished) a certain knight, and quickly drew a sword and made haste (to slay him).
  • او خدو انداخت در روی علی ** افتخار هر نبی و هر ولی‌‌
  • He spat on the face of ‘Alí, the pride of every prophet and every saint;
  • آن خدو زد بر رخی که روی ماه ** سجده آرد پیش او در سجده‌‌گاه‌‌
  • He spat on the countenance before which the face of the moon bows low in the place of worship.
  • در زمان انداخت شمشیر آن علی ** کرد او اندر غزایش کاهلی‌‌ 3725
  • ‘Alí at once threw his sword away and relaxed (his efforts) in fighting him.
  • گشت حیران آن مبارز زین عمل ** وز نمودن عفو و رحمت بی‌‌محل‌‌
  • That champion was astounded by this act and by his showing forgiveness and mercy without occasion.
  • گفت بر من تیغ تیز افراشتی ** از چه افکندی مرا بگذاشتی‌‌
  • He said, “You lifted your keen sword against me: why have you flung it aside and spared me?
  • آن چه دیدی بهتر از پیکار من ** تا شدی تو سست در اشکار من‌‌
  • What did you see that was better than combat with me, so that you have become slack in hunting me down?
  • آن چه دیدی که چنین خشمت نشست ** تا چنان برقی نمود و باز جست‌‌
  • What did you see, so that such anger as yours abated, and so that such a lightning flashed and (then) recoiled?