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  • گفت ما زاغیم همچون زاغ نه ** مست صباغیم مست باغ نه‌‌
  • He (also) said, “We are má zágh (that is, Our eye did not rove), we are not (looking for carrion) like crows (zágh); We are intoxicated with (enraptured by) the Dyer, we are not intoxicated with the garden (of flowers with their many dyes).”
  • چون که مخزنهای افلاک و عقول ** چون خسی آمد بر چشم رسول‌‌ 3955
  • Inasmuch as to the eye of the Prophet the treasuries of the celestial spheres and intelligences seemed (worthless) as a straw,
  • پس چه باشد مکه و شام و عراق ** که نماید او نبرد و اشتیاق‌‌
  • What, then, would Mecca and Syria and ‘Iráq be (worth to him), that he should show fight and longing (to gain possession of them)?
  • آن گمان بر وی ضمیر بد کند ** که قیاس از جهل و حرص خود کند
  • (Only) the evil mind which judges by its own ignorance and cupidity will think that of him (impute that motive to him).
  • آبگینه‌‌ی زرد چون سازی نقاب ** زرد بینی جمله نور آفتاب‌‌
  • When you make yellow glass a veil (between your eyes and the sun), you see all the sunlight yellow.
  • بشکن آن شیشه‌‌ی کبود و زرد را ** تا شناسی گرد را و مرد را
  • Break those blue and yellow glasses, in order that you may know (distinguish) the dust and the man (who is concealed by it).
  • گرد فارس گرد سر افراشته ** گرد را تو مرد حق پنداشته‌‌ 3960
  • The dust (of the body) has lifted up its head (risen) around the (spiritual) horseman: you have fancied the dust to be the man of God.
  • گرد دید ابلیس و گفت این فرع طین ** چون فزاید بر من آتش جبین‌‌
  • Iblís saw (only) the dust, and said, “How should this offspring of clay (Adam) be superior to me of the fiery brow?”
  • تا تو می‌‌بینی عزیزان را بشر ** دان که میراث بلیس است آن نظر
  • So long as thou art regarding the holy (prophets and saints) as men, know that that view is an inheritance from Iblís.
  • گر نه فرزند بلیسی ای عنید ** پس به تو میراث آن سگ چون رسید
  • If thou art not the child of Iblís, O contumacious one, then how has the inheritance of that cur come to thee?