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  • ور ز غیر جنس باشد ذوق ما ** آن مگر مانند باشد جنس را
  • And if our delight is (derived) from something not homogeneous, that (thing) will surely resemble the congener.
  • آن که مانند است باشد عاریت ** عاریت باقی نماند عاقبت‌‌
  • That which (only) bears a resemblance is a loan: a loan is impermanent in the end.
  • مرغ را گر ذوق آید از صفیر ** چون که جنس خود نیابد شد نفیر 895
  • Although the bird is delighted by (the fowler's) whistle, it takes fright when it (sees him and) does not find its own congener.
  • تشنه را گر ذوق آید از سراب ** چون رسد در وی گریزد جوید آب‌‌
  • Although the thirsty man is delighted by the mirage, he runs away when he comes up to it, and seeks for water.
  • مفلسان هم خوش شوند از زر قلب ** لیک آن رسوا شود در دار ضرب‌‌
  • Moreover, the insolvent are pleased with base gold, yet that (gold) is put to shame in the mint.
  • تا زر اندودیت از ره نفگند ** تا خیال کژ ترا چه نفگند
  • (Take heed) lest gildedness (imposture) cast you out of the (right) way, lest false imagination cast you into the well.
  • از کلیله باز جو آن قصه را ** و اندر آن قصه طلب کن حصه را
  • Seek the story (illustrating this) from (the book of) Kalíla (and Dimna), and search out the moral (contained) in the story.
  • بیان توکل و ترک جهد گفتن نخجیران به شیر
  • Setting forth how the beasts of chase told the lion to trust in God and cease from exerting himself.
  • طایفه‌‌ی نخجیر در وادی خوش ** بودشان از شیر دایم کش مکش‌‌ 900
  • A number of beasts of chase in a pleasant valley were continually harassed by a lion.
  • بس که آن شیر از کمین درمی‌‌ربود ** آن چرا بر جمله ناخوش گشته بود
  • Inasmuch as the lion was (springing) from ambush and carrying them away, that pasturage had become unpleasant to them all.
  • حیله کردند آمدند ایشان بشیر ** کز وظیفه ما ترا داریم سیر
  • They made a plot: they came to the lion, saying, “We will keep thee full-fed by means of a (fixed) allowance.