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  • یک حکایت بشنو ای گوهر شناس ** تا بدانی تو عیان را از قیاس‏
  • O connoisseur of pearls, listen to a story, that you may distinguish actual seeing from (mere) inference.
  • هلال پنداشتن آن شخص خیال را در عهد عمر
  • How in the time of ‘Umar, may God be well-pleased with him, a certain person imagined that what he saw was the new moon.
  • ماه روزه گشت در عهد عمر ** بر سر کوهی دویدند آن نفر
  • The Fasting-month (Ramadán) came round in ‘Umar's time. Some people ran to the top of a hill,
  • تا هلال روزه را گیرند فال ** آن یکی گفت ای عمر اینک هلال‏
  • In order to take (the appearance of) the new moon as a good omen, and one of them said, “Look, O ‘Umar, here is the new moon!”
  • چون عمر بر آسمان مه را ندید ** گفت کاین مه از خیال تو دمید
  • As ‘Umar did not see the moon in the sky, he said, “This moon has risen from thy phantasy.
  • ور نه من بیناترم افلاک را ** چون نمی‏بینم هلال پاک را 115
  • Otherwise, (since) I am a better seer of the heavens (than thou), how is it that I do not see the pure crescent?
  • گفت تر کن دست و بر ابرو بمال ** آن گهان تو بر نگر سوی هلال‏
  • Wet thy hand,” said he, “and rub it on thine eyebrow, and then look up towards the new moon.”
  • چون که او تر کرد ابرو مه ندید ** گفت ای شه نیست مه شد ناپدید
  • When he wetted his eyebrow, he did not see the moon. “O King,” he said, “there is no moon; it has disappeared.”
  • گفت آری موی ابرو شد کمان ** سوی تو افکند تیری از گمان‏
  • “Yes,” said ‘Umar, “the hair of thine eyebrow had become (curved) like a bow and shot at thee an arrow of opinion.”
  • چون یکی مو کج شد او را راه زد ** تا به دعوی لاف دید ماه زد
  • When one hair became crooked, it waylaid him (hindered him from seeing truly), so that, making a false claim, he boasted to have seen the moon.
  • موی کج چون پرده‏ی گردون بود ** چون همه اجزات کج شد چون بود 120
  • Inasmuch as a crooked hair veils the sky, how will it be when all your members are crooked?