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  • سجده آمد کندن خشت لزب ** موجب قربی که و اسجد و اقترب‏
  • The tearing away of the adhesive (firmly joined) bricks is (analogous to) prostration (in prayer): (it is) the cause of nearness (to God), for (God has said), ‘And prostrate thyself and draw near (to Me).’
  • تا که این دیوار عالی گردن است ** مانع این سر فرود آوردن است‏ 1210
  • So long as this wall is high-necked (lofty and proud), it is an obstacle to this bowing of the head (in prayer).
  • سجده نتوان کرد بر آب حیات ** تا نیابم زین تن خاکی نجات‏
  • ’Tis impossible to perform the prostration on the Water of Life, until I gain deliverance from this earthly body.
  • بر سر دیوار هر کاو تشنه‏تر ** زودتر بر می‏کند خشت و مدر
  • The more thirsty any one on the top of the wall is, the more quickly does he tear off the bricks and turfs.
  • هر که عاشق تر بود بر بانگ آب ** او کلوخ زفت تر کند از حجاب‏
  • The more any one is in love with the noise of the water, the bigger clods does he tear away from the barrier.
  • او ز بانگ آب پر می تا عنق ** نشنود بیگانه جز بانگ بلق‏
  • He, at the noise of the water, is filled with wine (ecstasy) up to the neck, (while) the stranger (to love) hears nothing but the sound of the splash.
  • ای خنک آن را که او ایام پیش ** مغتنم دارد گزارد وام خویش‏ 1215
  • Oh, blest is he that deems his early days an opportunity to be seized, and pays his debt—
  • اندر آن ایام کش قدرت بود ** صحت و زور دل و قوت بود
  • In the days when he has the power, (when) he has health and strength of heart and vigour,
  • و آن جوانی همچو باغ سبز و تر ** می‏رساند بی‏دریغی بار و بر
  • And (when) that season of youth, like a garden green and fresh, is bringing (to ripeness) produce and fruit without any stint;
  • چشمه‏های قوت و شهوت روان ** سبز می‏گردد زمین تن بدان‏
  • (When) the fountains of strength and lust (are) flowing, (so that) thereby the soil of the body is made verdant;