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  • این نشان آن بود کان ملک و جاه ** که همی‏جویی بیابی از اله‏ 1680
  • This (which follows) is the sign that you will gain from God the (spiritual) kingdom and power that you are seeking—
  • آن که می‏گریی به شبهای دراز ** و انکه می‏سوزی سحرگه در نیاز
  • That you weep continually in the long nights, and that you are always ardent in supplication at the hour of dawn;
  • آن که بی‏آن روز تو تاریک شد ** همچو دوکی گردنت باریک شد
  • That, in the absence of that (which you seek), your day has become dark; (that) your neck has become thin as a spindle;
  • و آن چه دادی هر چه داری در زکات ** چون زکات پاک بازان رختهات‏
  • And what you have given in alms (is) all that you possess, (so that) your belongings (are entirely bestowed in charity) like the alms of those who gamble all away;
  • رختها دادی و خواب و رنگ رو ** سر فدا کردی و گشتی همچو مو
  • (That) you have given up your belongings and sleep and the (healthy) colour of your face, and sacrificed your head (life) and become as (thin as) a hair;
  • چند در آتش نشستی همچو عود ** چند پیش تیغ رفتی همچو خود 1685
  • (That) you have sat—how often!—in the fire, like aloes-wood; that you have gone—how often!—to meet the sword, like a helmet.
  • زین چنین بی‏چارگیها صد هزار ** خوی عشاق است و ناید در شمار
  • A hundred thousand such acts of helplessness are habitual to lovers (of God), and (their number) cannot be reckoned.
  • چون که شب این خواب دیدی روز شد ** از امیدش روز تو پیروز شد
  • After you have had this dream at night, the day breaks; through hope thereof your day becomes triumphant.
  • چشم گردان کرده‏ای بر چپ و راست ** کان نشان و آن علامتها کجاست‏
  • You have turned your eye to left and right, (wondering) where is that sign and those tokens.
  • بر مثال برگ می‏لرزی که وای ** گر رود روز و نشان ناید به جای‏
  • You are trembling like a leaf (and saying), “Alas, if the day depart and the sign come not to pass!”