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  • ممتلی و خوابناک و سست بد ** پا و رویش صد هزاران زخم شد
  • He was full-fed and sleepy and fatigued: his feet and face became (covered with) a hundred thousand wounds.
  • تا شبانگه می‏کشید و می‏گشاد ** تا ز صفرا قی شدن بر وی فتاد
  • Till nightfall he (the rider) drove (him) to and fro, until vomiting caused by bile overtook him.
  • زو بر آمد خورده‏ها زشت و نکو ** مار با آن خورده بیرون جست از او
  • All the things he had eaten, bad or good, came up from him: the snake shot forth from him along with what he had eaten.
  • چون بدید از خود برون آن مار را ** سجده آورد آن نکو کردار را
  • When he saw the snake outside of him, he fell on his knees before that beneficent man.
  • سهم آن مار سیاه زشت زفت ** چون بدید آن دردها از وی برفت‏ 1895
  • As soon as he saw the horror of that black, ugly, big snake, those griefs departed from him.
  • گفت خود تو جبرییل رحمتی ** یا خدایی که ولی نعمتی‏
  • “Truly,” said he, “you are the Gabriel of (Divine) mercy, or you are God, for you are the lord of bounty.
  • ای مبارک ساعتی که دیدی‏ام ** مرده بودم جان نو بخشیدی‏ام‏
  • Oh, blest (is) the hour that you saw me: I was dead, you have given me new life.
  • تو مرا جویان مثال مادران ** من گریزان از تو مانند خران‏
  • You (were) seeking me like mothers (in search of their children); I (was) fleeing from you like asses.
  • خر گریزد از خداوند از خری ** صاحبش در پی ز نیکو گوهری‏
  • The ass flees from his master because of asininity; his owner (runs) after (him) because of good-nature.
  • نه از پی سود و زیان می‏جویدش ** لیک تا در گرگش ندرد یا ددش‏ 1900
  • He seeks him, not on account of profit or loss, but in order that a wolf or (other) wild beast may not tear him.