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  • همچو بو بکر ربابی تن زنم ** دست چون داود در آهن زنم‏
  • I am mute, like Bú Bakr-i Rabábí; I handle the iron, like David,
  • تا محال از دست من حالی شود ** مرغ پر برکنده را بالی شود
  • So that by my hand the (seemingly) impossible is brought to pass, and wings are restored to the bird whose plumes were torn away.
  • چون ید الله فوق أیدیهم بود ** دست ما را دست خود فرمود احد
  • Since there is (the text) the hand of God is above their hands, the One (God) has declared our hand to be His hand.
  • پس مرا دست دراز آمد یقین ** بر گذشته ز آسمان هفتمین‏
  • Therefore mine is surely a long hand that has passed beyond the Seventh Heaven.
  • دست من بنمود بر گردون هنر ** مقریا بر خوان که انشق القمر 1920
  • My hand showed (its) cunning upon the sky: O teacher of the Qur’án, recite the moon hath been cleft asunder.’
  • این صفت هم بهر ضعف عقلهاست ** با ضعیفان شرح قدرت کی رواست‏
  • This characteristic, moreover, is on account of the weakness of (men's) understandings: how is it possible to explain the (Divine) omnipotence to the weak?
  • خود بدانی چون بر آری سر ز خواب ** ختم شد و الله أعلم بالصواب‏
  • You will surely know when you lift your head from (this sensuous) sleep. ’Tis the end (of my discourse), and God knows best what is right.
  • مر ترا نه قوت خوردن بدی ** نه ره و پروای قی کردن بدی‏
  • “(If I had told you about the snake), you would not have been able to eat, nor would you have been capable of vomiting or cared (to do so).
  • می‏شنیدم فحش و خر می‏راندم ** رب یسر زیر لب می‏خواندم‏
  • I heard (your) abuse and went on with my work; I kept repeating under my lip (breath), ‘O Lord, make (it) easy!’
  • از سبب گفتن مرا دستور نه ** ترک تو گفتن مرا مقدور نه‏ 1925
  • I had not permission to speak of the cause, and I had not power to abandon you.