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  • گفت رو رو کار خود کن ای حسود ** گفت کارم این بد و رزقت نبود
  • “Go, go,” said he, “mind your own business, O envious man!” Said the other, “This was my business, and it was not your fortune (to follow my advice).
  • من کم از خرسی نباشم ای شریف ** ترک او کن تا منت باشم حریف‏ 2020
  • I am not less than a bear, O noble sir: abandon it, in order that I may be your comrade.
  • بر تو دل می‏لرزدم ز اندیشه‏ای ** با چنین خرسی مرو در بیشه‏ای‏
  • My heart is trembling with anxiety for you: do not go into a forest with a bear like this.
  • این دلم هرگز نلرزید از گزاف ** نور حق است این نه دعوی و نه لاف‏
  • This heart of mine has never trembled in vain; this is the Light of God, not pretence or idle brag.
  • مومنم ینظر بنور الله شده ** هان و هان بگریز از این آتشکده‏
  • I am the true believer who has become seeing by the Light of God. Beware and beware! Flee from this fire-temple!”
  • این همه گفت و به گوشش در نرفت ** بد گمانی مرد را سدی است زفت‏
  • He said all this, and it entered not his ear: suspicion is a thick barrier to a man.
  • دست او بگرفت و دست از وی کشید ** گفت رفتم چون نه‏ای یار رشید 2025
  • He took his hand, and he (the man with the bear) withdrew his hand from him. The other said, “I will go, since you are not a well-guided friend.”
  • گفت رو بر من تو غم خواره مباش ** بو الفضولا معرفت کمتر تراش‏
  • “Go,” cried he; “be not troubled for me; don't carve (retail) so much wisdom, O meddlesome one!”
  • باز گفتش من عدوی تو نی‏ام ** لطف باشد گر بیایی در پی‏ام‏
  • He answered him, (saying), “I am not your enemy: it would be a kindness if you would come after me.”
  • گفت خوابستم مرا بگذار و رو ** گفت آخر یار را منقاد شو
  • “I am sleepy,” said he; “let me alone, go!” He replied, “Pray, give in to your friend,