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  • حق آن که چرخه‏ی چرخ ترا ** کرد گردان بر فراز این سرا
  • By the truth of Him who hath set the wheel of thy sphere turning above this (earthly) abode,
  • که دگرگون گردی و رحمت کنی ** پیش از آن که بیخ ما را بر کنی‏ 2315
  • (We beseech thee to) revolve in another wise and show mercy, ere thou uproot us.
  • حق آن که دایگی کردی نخست ** تا نهال ما ز آب و خاک رست‏
  • (We beseech thee by) the truth of thy having fostered us at first, so that our (young) shoot grew up from (the nurture given by) water and earth;
  • حق آن شه که ترا صاف آفرید ** کرد چندان مشعله در تو پدید
  • By the truth of that King who created thee pure and displayed so many cressets in thee,
  • آن چنان معمور و باقی داشتت ** تا که دهری از ازل پنداشتت‏
  • Who hath kept thee so flourishing and lasting that the materialist hath thought thee (existent) from eternity.
  • شکر دانستیم آغاز ترا ** انبیا گفتند آن راز ترا
  • Thanks (to God), we have come to know thy beginning: the prophets have told that secret of thine.
  • آدمی داند که خانه حادث است ** عنکبوتی نه که در وی عابث است‏ 2320
  • A man knows that a house is made (at some time or other); the spider which plays idly in it (knows) not (this).
  • پشه کی داند که این باغ از کی است ** کاو بهاران زاد و مرگش در دی است‏
  • How should the gnat know of what date this garden is?––for ‘twas born in spring, and its death is in the (following) winter.
  • کرم کاندر چوب زاید سست حال ** کی بداند چوب را وقت نهال‏
  • The worm that is born miserably in (dry) wood––how should it know the wood at the time when it was a (sappy) shoot?
  • ور بداند کرم از ماهیتش ** عقل باشد کرم باشد صورتش‏
  • And if the worm should know (this), it would be intellect in its essential substance; the worm would be (only) its (outward) form.