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  • عقل را من آزمودم هم بسی ** زین سپس جویم جنون را مغرسی‏
  • Often have I tried (sound) intelligence; henceforth I will seek a nursery for insanity.”
  • به حیلت در سخن آوردن سائل آن بزرگ را که خود را دیوانه ساخته بود
  • How an inquirer managed to draw into conversation an eminent (saintly) man who had feigned to be mad.
  • آن یکی می‏گفت خواهم عاقلی ** مشورت آرم بدو در مشکلی‏
  • A certain man was saying, “I want some one of intelligence, (that) I may consult him about a difficulty.”
  • آن یکی گفتش که اندر شهر ما ** نیست عاقل جز که آن مجنون‏نما
  • One said to him, “In our city there is nobody of intelligence except yonder man who appears to be mad.
  • بر نیی گشته سواره نک فلان ** می‏دواند در میان کودکان‏ 2340
  • Look, there is (one named) so-and-so: mounted on a cane, he rides (it as a cock-horse) amongst the children.
  • صاحب رای است و آتش پاره‏ای ** آسمان قدر است و اختر باره‏ای‏
  • He is possessed of judgment and (keen as) a spark of fire; he is as the sky in dignity, and as the stars in high estate.
  • فر او کروبیان را جان شده ست ** او در این دیوانگی پنهان شده ست‏
  • His glory has become the (rational) soul of the Cherubim; he has become concealed in this (feigned) madness.”
  • لیک هر دیوانه را جان نشمری ** سر منه گوساله را چون سامری‏
  • But you must not account every madman a (rational) soul: do not, like Sámirí, lay down your head (in worship) to a calf.
  • چون ولیی آشکارا با تو گفت ** صد هزاران غیب و اسرار نهفت‏
  • When a manifest saint has declared unto you hundreds of thousands of unseen things and hidden mysteries,
  • مر ترا آن فهم و آن دانش نبود ** واندانستی تو سرگین را ز عود 2345
  • And you have not had the (proper) understanding and knowledge, (so that) you have not distinguished dung from aloes-wood—
  • از جنون خود را ولی چون پرده ساخت ** مر و را ای کور کی خواهی شناخت‏
  • How, when the saint has made for himself a veil of madness, will you recognise him, O blind one?