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  • دانش من جوهر آمد نه عرض ** این بهایی نیست بهر هر غرض‏
  • My knowledge is substantial, not accidental; and this precious (thing) is not for (the purpose of gaining) every (worldly) interest.
  • کان قندم نیستان شکرم ** هم ز من می‏روید و من می‏خورم‏
  • I am a mine of candy, I am a plantation of sugar-canes: it is growing from me, and at the same time I am eating (of it).
  • علم تقلیدی و تعلیمی است آن ** کز نفورش مستمع دارد فغان‏
  • Knowledge is conventional and acquired (not real), when he (its owner) laments because the hearer is averse to (hearing) it.
  • چون پی دانه نه بهر روشنی است ** همچو طالب علم دنیای دنی است‏ 2430
  • Since it is (learned) as a bait (for popularity), not for the sake of (spiritual) enlightenment, he (the seeker of religious knowledge) is just as (bad) as the seeker of vile worldly knowledge;
  • طالب علم است بهر عام و خاص ** نی که تا یابد از این عالم خلاص‏
  • (For) he is seeking knowledge on account of the vulgar and the noble, not in order that he may win release from this world.
  • همچو موشی هر طرف سوراخ کرد ** چون که نورش راند از در گشت سرد
  • Like a mouse, he has burrowed in every direction, since the light drove him (back) from the door (the entrance to the hole) and said, ‘Away!’
  • چون که سوی دشت و نورش ره نبود ** هم در آن ظلمات جهدی می‏نمود
  • Inasmuch as he had no way (of getting out) to the open country and the light, he continued to make (such) an exertion even in that darkness.
  • گر خدایش پر دهد پر خرد ** برهد از موشی و چون مرغان پرد
  • If God give him wings, the wings of Wisdom, he will escape from mousiness and will fly like the birds;
  • ور نجوید پر بماند زیر خاک ** ناامید از رفتن راه سماک‏ 2435
  • But if he seek not wings, he will remain underground with no hope of traversing the path to Simák.
  • علم گفتاری که آن بی‏جان بود ** عاشق روی خریداران بود
  • Dialectic knowledge, which is soulless, is in love with (eager for) the countenance of customers;