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  • حرص آدم چون سوی گندم فزود ** از دل آدم سلیمی را ربود
  • When Adam's greed for the wheat waxed great, it robbed Adam's heart of health.
  • پس دروغ و عشوه‏ات را گوش کرد ** غره گشت و زهر قاتل نوش کرد 2740
  • Then he gave ear to your lies and enticements: he was befooled and drank the killing poison.
  • کژدم از گندم ندانست آن نفس ** می‏پرد تمییز از مست هوس‏
  • At that moment he knew not scorpion (kazhdum) from wheat (gandum): discernment flies from one that is drunken with vain desire.
  • خلق مست آرزویند و هوا ** ز آن پذیرایند دستان ترا
  • The people are drunken with cupidity and desire: hence they are accepting your cheatery.
  • هر که خود را از هوا خود باز کرد ** چشم خود را آشنای راز کرد
  • Whoever has rid his nature of vain desire has (thereby) made his (spiritual) eye familiar with the secret.
  • شکایت قاضی از آفت قضا و جواب گفتن نایب او را
  • How a cadi complained of the calamity of (holding) the office of cadi, and how his deputy answered him.
  • قاضیی بنشاندند او می‏گریست ** گفت نایب قاضیا گریه ز چیست‏
  • They installed a cadi, (and meanwhile) he wept. The deputy said, ‘O cadi, what are you weeping for?
  • این نه وقت گریه و فریاد تست ** وقت شادی و مبارک باد تست‏ 2745
  • This is not the time for you to weep and lament: it is the time for you to rejoice and receive felicitations.’
  • گفت اه چون حکم راند بی‏دلی ** در میان آن دو عالم جاهلی‏
  • ‘Ah,’ said he, ‘how shall a man without insight pronounce judgement—an ignorant man (decide) between two who know?
  • آن دو خصم از واقعه‏ی خود واقفند ** قاضی مسکین چه داند ز آن دو بند
  • Those two adversaries are acquainted with their own case: what should the poor cadi know of those two tangles?
  • جاهل است و غافل است از حالشان ** چون رود در خونشان و مالشان‏
  • He is ignorant and unaware of their (real) state: how should he proceed (to give judgment) concerning their lives and property?’