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  • ای برادر تو همان اندیشه‏ای ** ما بقی تو استخوان و ریشه‏ای‏
  • O brother, you are that same thought (of yours); as for the rest (of you), you are (only) bone and fibre.
  • گر گل است اندیشه‏ی تو گلشنی ** ور بود خاری تو هیمه‏ی گلخنی‏
  • If your thought is a rose, you are a rose-garden; and if it is a thorn, you are fuel for the bath-stove.
  • گر گلابی، بر سر و جیبت زنند ** ور تو چون بولی برونت افکنند
  • If you are rose-water, you are sprinkled on head and bosom; and if you are (stinking) like urine, you are cast out.
  • طبله‏ها در پیش عطاران ببین ** جنس را با جنس خود کرده قرین‏ 280
  • Look at the trays in front of druggists—each kind put beside its own kind,
  • جنسها با جنسها آمیخته ** زین تجانس زینتی انگیخته‏
  • Things of each sort mixed with things of the same sort, and a certain elegance produced by this homogeneity;
  • گر در آمیزند عود و شکرش ** بر گزیند یک یک از یکدیگرش‏
  • If his (the druggist's) aloes-wood and sugar get mixed, he picks them out from each other, piece by piece.
  • طبله‏ها بشکست و جانها ریختند ** نیک و بد در همدگر آمیختند
  • The trays were broken and the souls were spilled: good and evil ones were mingled with each other.
  • حق فرستاد انبیا را با ورق ** تا گزید این دانه‌ها را بر طبق
  • God sent the prophets with scrolls (of Revelation), that He might pick out (and sort) these grains on the dish.
  • پیش از ایشان ما همه یکسان بدیم ** کس ندانستی که ما نیک و بدیم‏ 285
  • Before the, (the prophets) we were all alike, none knew whether we were good or bad.
  • قلب و نیکو در جهان بودی روان ** چون همه شب بود و ما چون شب روان‏
  • False coin and fine (both) were current in the world, since all was night, and we were as night-travellers,