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  • تا یکی یاری ز یاران رسول ** در دلش انکار آمد ز آن نکول‏
  • (Their request was ignominiously refused), so that one of the Prophet's Companions conceived in his heart dislike of that recoilment,
  • که چنین پیران با شیب و وقار ** می‏کندشان این پیمبر شرمسار
  • Thinking, “Grey-haired and venerable old men like these— this Prophet is putting them to shame.
  • کو کرم کو ستر پوشی کو حیا ** صد هزاران عیب پوشند انبیا 2890
  • Where is generosity? Where cloaking (of sins)? Where modesty (respect for the feelings of others)? The prophets cover up hundreds of thousands of faults.”
  • باز در دل زود استغفار کرد ** تا نگردد ز اعتراض او روی زرد
  • Quickly, again, in his heart he asked pardon of God, lest he should be disgraced for objecting (to the Prophet's behaviour).
  • شومی یاری اصحاب نفاق ** کرد مومن را چو ایشان زشت و عاق‏
  • The turpitude of befriending the Hypocrites made the true believer wicked and rebellious like them.
  • باز می‏زارید کای علام سر ** مر مرا مگذار بر کفران مصر
  • Again he was crying in supplication, “O Thou who knowest the inmost consciousness, do not leave me persisting in unbelief!
  • دل به دستم نیست همچون دید چشم ** ور نه دل را سوزمی این دم به خشم‏
  • My heart is not in my control, as (my) eyesight (is); else I would at this moment burn my heart in anger.”
  • اندر این اندیشه خوابش در ربود ** مسجد ایشانش پر سرگین نمود 2895
  • (Whilst he was) in this thought, slumber seized him. To him (dreaming), their mosque seemed full of dung:
  • سنگهاش اندر حدث جای تباه ** می‏دمید از سنگها دود سیاه‏
  • A corrupted place, its stones (steeped) in filth: from the stones floated up black smoke.
  • دود در حلقش شد و حلقش بخست ** از نهیب دود تلخ از خواب جست‏
  • The smoke went into his throat and made it smart: terrified by the bitter smoke, he sprang from sleep.