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  • صدق بیداری هر حس می‏شود ** حسها را ذوق مونس می‏شود
  • Penetration (of sight) becomes the (means of) awakening (stimulating) every sense, (so that) perception (of the spiritual) becomes familiar to (all) the senses.
  • آغاز منور شدن عارف به نور غیب بین‏
  • The beginning of the gnostic's illumination by the Light which sees the invisible world.
  • چون یکی حس در روش بگشاد بند ** ما بقی حسها همه مبدل شوند 3240
  • When one sense in (the course of its) progress has loosed (its) bonds, all the rest of the senses become changed.
  • چون یکی حس غیر محسوسات دید ** گشت غیبی بر همه حسها پدید
  • When one sense has perceived things that are not objects of sense-perception, that which is of the invisible world becomes apparent to all the senses.
  • چون ز جو جست از گله یک گوسفند ** پس پیاپی جمله ز آن سو بر جهند
  • When one sheep of the flock has jumped over a stream, then they all jump across on each other's heels.
  • گوسفندان حواست را بران ** در چرا از أخرج المرعی‏ چران‏
  • Drive the sheep, thy senses, to pasture: let them browse on (the pasture indicated in the text)—He who hath brought forth the herbage,
  • تا در آن جا سنبل و نسرین چرند ** تا به گلزار حقایق ره برند
  • That there they may browse on hyacinth and wild-rose; that they may make their way to the garden of the Realities;
  • هر حست پیغمبر حسها شود ** تا یکایک سوی آن جنت رود 3245
  • (That) every sense of thine may become an apostle to the senses (of others), so that severally they may go towards that Paradise;
  • حسها با حس تو گویند راز ** بی‏زبان و بی‏حقیقت بی‏مجاز
  • (And then those) senses will tell their secret to thy senses, without the proper meaning, without tongue, and without metaphor;
  • کاین حقیقت قابل تاویلهاست ** وین توهم مایه‏ی تخییلهاست‏
  • For this proper meaning admits of (different) interpretations, and this guesswork is the source of (vain) imaginings;
  • آن حقیقت را که باشد از عیان ** هیچ تاویلی نگنجد در میان‏
  • (But in the case of) that truth which is (perceived) from intuition, there is no room for any interpretation.