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  • سروری چون شد دماغت را ندیم ** هر که بشکستت شود خصم قدیم‏
  • When leadership has become a bosom-friend to your brain, any one who breaks (thwarts) you becomes (as) an ancient adversary.
  • چون خلاف خوی تو گوید کسی ** کینه‏ها خیزد ترا با او بسی‏
  • When any one contradicts your disposition (habit of mind), many feelings of hatred against him arise in you.
  • که مرا از خوی من بر می‏کند ** خویش را بر من چو سرور می‏کند
  • “He is tearing me (you say) from my (engrained) disposition, he is making himself like a captain over me.”
  • چون نباشد خوی بد سرکش در او ** کی فروزد آن خلاف آتش در او
  • Unless the evil disposition has become headstrong in him, how should the fire (of passion) blaze up in him through being opposed?
  • با مخالف او مدارایی کند ** در دل او خویش را جایی کند 3470
  • He may show some feigned courtesy to the opponent, he may make a place for himself in his heart,
  • ز انکه خوی بد بگشته ست استوار ** مور شهوت شد ز عادت همچو مار
  • (But he really hates him), because the evil disposition has waxed strong: the ant of (worldly) lust has through habit become as a snake.
  • مار شهوت را بکش در ابتدا ** ور نه اینک گشت مارت اژدها
  • Kill the snake of lust in tribulation; else, look you, your snake is become a dragon.
  • لیک هر کس مور بیند مار خویش ** تو ز صاحب دل کن استفسار خویش‏
  • But every one deems his own snake an ant: do you (then) seek the explanation of yourself (your real state) from him that is lord of the heart.
  • تا نشد زر مس نداند من مسم ** تا نشد شه دل نداند مفلسم‏
  • Until copper becomes gold, it does not know itself to be copper: until the heart becomes a king, it does not know itself to be an insolvent.
  • خدمت اکسیر کن مس‏وار تو ** جور می‏کش ای دل از دل دار تو 3475
  • Do service to the elixir, like copper: endure oppression, O heart, from him that holds the heart in fee.