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  • صد هزاران ماهی از دریای پر ** در دهان هر یکی در و چه در
  • Myriads of fishes out of the full sea, each with a pearl in its mouth—and what (marvellous) pearls!—
  • هر یکی دری خراج ملکتی ** کز اله است این ندارد شرکتی‏
  • Every pearl the revenue of a kingdom. “These,” they said (to him), “are from  God, they have no association (with any one but God).”
  • در چند انداخت در کشتی و جست ** مر هوا را ساخت کرسی و نشست‏
  • He dropped a quantity of pearls on the ship and sprang (aloft): he made the air his high-seat and sate (thereon),
  • خوش مربع چون شهان بر تخت خویش ** او فراز اوج و کشتی‏اش به پیش‏
  • (Resting) at ease, cross-legged, as kings upon their thrones— he above the zenith, and the ship before him.
  • گفت رو کشتی شما را حق مرا ** تا نباشد با شما دزد گدا 3490
  • He said, “Begone! The ship for you, God for me, so that a beggarly thief may not be with you!
  • تا که را باشد خسارت زین فراق ** من خوشم جفت حق و با خلق طاق‏
  • Let us see who will be the loser by this separation! I am pleased, (being) paired (united) with God and singled (isolated) from (His) creatures.
  • نه مرا او تهمت دزدی نهد ** نه مهارم را به غمازی دهد
  • He does not accuse me of theft, He does not hand me over to (the mercy of) an informer.”
  • بانگ کردند اهل کشتی کای همام ** از چه دادندت چنین عالی مقام‏
  • The people in the ship cried out, “O noble chief, wherefore has such a high estate been given to thee?”
  • گفت از تهمت نهادن بر فقیر ** و ز حق آزاری پی چیزی حقیر
  • He answered, “For throwing suspicion on dervishes and offending God on account of a despicable thing (as ye have done)!
  • حاش لله بل ز تعظیم شهان ** که نبودم در فقیران بد گمان‏ 3495
  • God forbid! Nay, (it was) for showing reverence to (the spiritual) kings, inasmuch as I did not conceive ill thoughts against dervishes—