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  • تا گره بندیم و بگشاییم ما ** در شکال و در جواب آیین فزا
  • And to the end that we may tie knots and (then) undo them, (we are) making many rules for (posing and stating) the difficulty and for answering (the questions raised by it),
  • همچو مرغی کاو گشاید بند دام ** گاه بندد تا شود در فن تمام‏ 3735
  • Like a bird which should undo the fastenings of a snare, and tie (them together) at times, in order that it might become perfect in skill:
  • او بود محروم از صحرا و مرج ** عمر او اندر گره کاری است خرج‏
  • It is deprived of the open country and meadowland, its life is spent in dealing with knots;
  • خود زبون او نگردد هیچ دام ** لیک پرش در شکست افتد مدام‏
  • And even (then) the snare is nowise subdued by it, but its wings are always getting broken.
  • با گره کم کوش تا بال و پرت ** نگسلد یک یک از این کر و فرت‏
  • Do not struggle with knots, lest thy wings and feathers be snapped asunder one by one through this vain display (of effort) on thy part.
  • صد هزاران مرغ پرهاشان شکست ** و آن کمین گاه عوارض را نبست‏
  • Myriads of birds have had their wings broken, and have not stopped that calamitous ambuscade (from doing its work).
  • حال ایشان از نبی خوان ای حریص ** نقبوا فیها ببین هل من محیص‏ 3740
  • Read in the Qur’án (concerning) their state, O covetous one: —They explored (and wandered) in them (the lands of the earth); mark (the words), Was there any refuge?
  • از نزاع ترک و رومی و عرب ** حل نشد اشکال انگور و عنب‏
  • The difficulty over angúr and ‘inab was not solved by the contest between the Turk, the Greek, and the Arab.
  • تا سلیمان لسین معنوی ** در نیاید بر نخیزد این دوی‏
  • Until the spiritual Solomon, skilled in tongues, shall intervene, this duality will not disappear.
  • جمله مرغان منازع بازوار ** بشنوید این طبل باز شهریار
  • O all ye wrangling birds, hearken, like the falcon, to this falcon-drum of the King.