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  • مرکب همت سوی اسباب راند ** از مسبب لاجرم محجوب ماند
  • He has urged the steed of (his) attention towards (secondary) causes: consequently he remains debarred from the Causer.
  • آن که بیند او مسبب را عیان ** کی نهد دل بر سببهای جهان‏
  • (But) one that sees the Causer plainly—how should he set his mind upon the (secondary) causes in the world?
  • حیران شدن حاجیان در کرامات آن زاهد که در بادیه تنهاش یافتند
  • How the pilgrims were amazed at the miracles of the ascetic whom they found (living) alone in the desert.
  • زاهدی بد در میان بادیه ** در عبادت غرق چون عبادیه‏
  • Amidst the desert lived an ascetic, absorbed in devotion like the people of ‘Abbádán.
  • حاجیان آن جا رسیدند از بلاد ** دیده‏شان بر زاهد خشک اوفتاد
  • The pilgrims from (different) countries arrived there: their eyes fell upon the parched ascetic.
  • جای زاهد خشک بود او تر مزاج ** از سموم بادیه بودش علاج‏ 3790
  • The dwelling-place of the ascetic was dry, (but) he was moist in temperament: in the simoom of the desert he had a remedy (for his moistness).
  • حاجیان حیران شدند از وحدتش ** و آن سلامت در میان آفتش‏
  • The pilgrims were amazed at his solitude and his welfare in the midst of bane.
  • در نماز استاده بد بر روی ریگ ** ریگ کز تفش بجوشد آب دیگ‏
  • He stood on the sand, (engaged) in the ritual prayer—sand from the heat whereof the water in a pot would boil.
  • گفتیی سر مست در سبزه و گل است ** یا سواره بر براق و دلدل است‏
  • You would have said he was (standing) enraptured amongst herbs and flowers, or mounted on Buráq or Duldul;
  • یا که پایش بر حریر و حله‏هاست ** یا سموم او را به از باد صباست‏
  • Or that his feet were on silk and broidered cloths; or that to him the simoom was more pleasant than the zephyr.
  • پس بماندند آن جماعت با نیاز ** تا شود درویش فارغ از نماز 3795
  • Then that company remained in need (unsatisfied) till the dervish should finish the (ritual) prayer.