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  • خانقه خالی شد و صوفی بماند ** گرد از رخت آن مسافر می‏فشاند 540
  • The monastery was deserted, and the Súfí remained (alone): that traveller set about shaking the dust from his baggage.
  • رخت از حجره برون آورد او ** تا به خر بر بندد آن همراه جو
  • He brought out the baggage from his cell, in order that he might tie it on the ass, (for he was) desirous of (finding) people to travel with.
  • تا رسد در همرهان او می‏شتافت ** رفت در آخر خر خود را نیافت‏
  • He was hurrying that he might overtake his fellow-travellers; he went into the stable but did not find the ass.
  • گفت آن خادم به آبش برده است ** ز انکه خر دوش آب کمتر خورده است‏
  • He said, “The servant has taken it (the ass) to water, because it drank little water last night.”
  • خادم آمد گفت صوفی خر کجاست ** گفت خادم ریش بین جنگی بخاست‏
  • The servant came, and the Súfí said to him, “Where is the ass?” “Look at your beard,” replied the servant, and a quarrel arose.
  • گفت من خر را به تو بسپرده‏ام ** من ترا بر خر موکل کرده‏ام‏ 545
  • He (the Súfí) said, “I have entrusted the ass to you, I have put you in charge of the ass.
  • از تو خواهم آن چه من دادم به تو ** باز ده آن چه فرستادم به تو
  • Discuss (the matter) with propriety, don't argue: deliver back to me what I delivered to you.
  • بحث با توجیه کن حجت میار ** آن چه بسپردم ترا واپس سپار
  • I demand from you what I gave to you: return that which I sent to you.
  • گفت پیغمبر که دستت هر چه برد ** بایدش در عاقبت واپس سپرد
  • The Prophet said that whatever your hand has taken must in the end be restored (to its owner).
  • ور نه‏ای از سرکشی راضی بدین ** نک من و تو خانه‏ی قاضی دین‏
  • And if you, from insolence, are not content with this, look here, let us (go) to the house of the Cadi of (our) religion.”