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  • کار بخت است آن و آن هم نادر است ** کسب باید کرد تا تن قادر است‏
  • That (discovery of treasure) is Fortune's doing (a piece of luck), and moreover it is rare: one must earn a living so long as the body is able.
  • کسب کردن گنج را مانع کی است ** پا مکش از کار آن خود در پی است‏ 735
  • How does earning a livelihood prevent the (discovery of) treasure? Do not retire from work: that (treasure), indeed, is (following) behind (the work).
  • تا نگردی تو گرفتار اگر ** که اگر این کردمی یا آن دگر
  • See that you are not made captive by “if,” saying, “If I had done this or the other (thing),”
  • کز اگر گفتن رسول با وفاق ** منع کرد و گفت آن هست از نفاق‏
  • For the sincere Prophet forbade (people) to say “if,” and said, “That is from hypocrisy”;
  • کان منافق در اگر گفتن بمرد ** وز اگر گفتن بجز حسرت نبرد
  • For the hypocrite died in saying “if,” and from saying “if” he won nothing but remorse.
  • مثل
  • Parable.
  • آن غریبی خانه می‏جست از شتاب ** دوستی بردش سوی خانه‏ی خراب‏
  • A certain stranger was hastily seeking a house: a friend took him to a house in ruins.
  • گفت او این را اگر سقفی بدی ** پهلوی من مر ترا مسکن شدی‏ 740
  • He said (to the stranger), “If this (house) had a roof, it would be a home for you beside me.
  • هم عیال تو بیاسودی اگر ** در میانه داشتی حجره‏ی دگر
  • Your family too would be comfortable, if it had another room in it.”
  • گفت آری پهلوی یاران خوش است ** لیک ای جان در اگر نتوان نشست‏
  • “Yes,” said he, “it is nice (to be) beside friends, but my dear soul, one cannot lodge in ‘if’.”
  • این همه عالم طلب‏کار خوشند ** وز خوش تزویر اندر آتشند
  • All the world are seekers of happiness, and on account of a false happiness they are in the fire.