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  • عیب گوی و عیب جوی خود بده ست ** با همه نیکو و با خود بد بده ست‏
  • He has (always) been one who speaks in blame of himself and seeks to blame himself; he has (always) been good (kind) to all and bad (unkind) to himself.”
  • گفت شه جلدی مکن در مدح یار ** مدح خود در ضمن مدح او میار
  • The King said, “Do not show (such) eagerness in praising your friend, do not introduce praise of yourself in the mask of (your) praise of him;
  • ز انکه من در امتحان آرم و را ** شرمساری آیدت در ما ورا
  • Because I will bring him to the test, and shame will befall you in the upshot.”
  • قسم غلام در صدق و وفای یار خود از طهارت ظن خود
  • How the slave, from the purity of his thought, swore to the truth and loyalty of his friend.
  • گفت نه و الله و بالله العظیم ** مالک الملک و به رحمان و رحیم‏ 905
  • He said, “Nay, by Allah, and by the great God, the possessor of kingdom, and by the Merciful and Compassionate One;
  • آن خدایی که فرستاد انبیا ** نه به حاجت بل به فضل و کبریا
  • By the God who sent the prophets, not in (His) need (of them), but in grace and majesty;
  • آن خداوندی که از خاک ذلیل ** آفرید او شهسواران جلیل‏
  • By the Lord who from the lowly earth created (those) glorious princely riders,
  • پاکشان کرد از مزاج خاکیان ** بگذرانید از تک افلاکیان‏
  • (And) purified them from the temperament of earthly beings, and caused them to outrun the celestials;
  • بر گرفت از نار و نور صاف ساخت ** وانگه او بر جمله‏ی انوار تاخت‏
  • (By Him) who took up from the Fire and fashioned into pure Light—and then it outstripped all (the other) lights—
  • آن سنا برقی که بر ارواح تافت ** تا که آدم معرفت ز آن نور یافت‏ 910
  • That splendour of lightning which shone over the spirits, so that Adam gained from that Light (his) knowledge (of God).
  • آن کز آدم رست و دست شیث چید ** پس خلیفه‏ش کرد آدم کان بدید
  • That (splendour) which grew from Adam and which the hand of Seth gathered hand of Seth gathered: therefore Adam, when he saw that (Light in him), made him his vicar.