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  • سر کشد گوش محمد در سخن ** کش بگوید در نبی حق هو اذن
  • The ear of Mohammed draws out the hidden meaning in the words (of the religious hypocrites), for God saith of him in the Qur’án, “He is an ear.”
  • سر به سر گوشست و چشم است این نبی ** تازه زو ما مرضعست او ما صبی
  • This Prophet is entirely ear and eye; we are refreshed by him: he is (as) the suckler and we (as) the (infant) boy.
  • این سخن پایان ندارد باز ران ** سوی اهل پیل و بر آغاز ران
  • This discourse hath no end. Go back to those who had to do with the elephant, and start at the beginning.
  • بقیه‌ی قصه‌ی متعرضان پیل‌بچگان
  • The remainder of the Story of those who molested the young elephants.
  • هر دهان را پیل بویی می‌کند ** گرد معده‌ی هر بشر بر می‌تند 105
  • “The elephant takes a sniff at every mouth and keeps poking round the belly of every man,
  • تا کجا یابد کباب پور خویش ** تا نماید انتقام و زور خویش
  • To see where she will find the roasted flesh of her young, so that she may manifest her vengeance and strength.”
  • گوشتهای بندگان حق خوری ** غیبت ایشان کنی کیفر بری
  • You eat the flesh of God's servants: you backbite them, you will suffer retribution.
  • هان که بویای دهانتان خالقست ** کی برد جان غیر آن کو صادقست
  • Beware, for he that smells your mouths is the Creator: how shall any one save his life except him that is true (to God)?
  • وای آن افسوسیی کش بوی‌گیر ** باشد اندر گور منکر یا نکیر
  • Woe to the scoffer whose smell shall be tested in the grave by Munkar or Nakír!
  • نه دهان دزدیدن امکان زان مهان ** نه دهان خوش کردن از دارودهان 110
  • There is no possibility of withdrawing the mouth from those mighty ones, nor of sweetening the mouth with medicinal ointments.
  • آب و روغن نیست مر روپوش را ** راه حیلت نیست عقل و هوش را
  • (In the grave) there is no water and oil to cover the face, there is no way of evasion (open) to intelligence and sagacity.