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  • می‌زنم تا در رسد حکم خدا ** او کند هر خصم از خصمی جدا 1090
  • I will fight till the decision of God comes to pass: He (alone) separates every adversary from an adversary.”
  • جواب فرعون موسی را و وحی آمدن موسی را علیه‌السلام
  • The reply of Pharaoh to Moses, and the coming of a Divine revelation to Moses, on whom be peace.
  • گفت نه نه مهلتم باید نهاد ** عشوه‌ها کم ده تو کم پیمای باد
  • He (Pharaoh) said, “Nay, nay, thou must appoint a certain respite: do not give cajoleries, do not talk vain things.”
  • حق تعالی وحی کردش در زمان ** مهلتش ده متسع مهراس از آن
  • At once the high God made a revelation to him, saying, “Give him an ample respite: be not afraid of that.
  • این چهل روزش بده مهلت بطوع ** تا سگالد مکرها او نوع نوع
  • Willingly give him these forty days, that he may bethink him of divers plots.
  • تا بکوشد او که نی من خفته‌ام ** تیز رو گو پیش ره بگرفته‌ام
  • Let him endeavour, for I am not asleep; bid him advance quickly, (for) I have barred the way in front (of him).
  • حیله‌هاشان را همه برهم زنم ** و آنچ افزایند من بر کم زنم 1095
  • I will confound all their devices, and I will reduce to little that which they increase.
  • آب را آرند من آتش کنم ** نوش و خوش گیرند و من ناخوش کنم
  • Let them fetch water, and I will make (it) fire; let them get honey and sweets and I will make (it) bitter.
  • مهر پیوندند و من ویران کنم ** آنک اندر وهم نارند آن کنم
  • Let them join in a bond of love, and I will destroy it; I will do that which they conceive not.
  • تو مترس و مهلتش ده دم‌دراز ** گو سپه گرد آر و صد حیلت بساز
  • Have thou no fear, and give him a lengthy respite; bid him bring together his host and prepare a hundred devices.”
  • مهلت دادن موسی علیه‌السلام فرعون را تا ساحران را جمع کند از مداین
  • How Moses, on whom be peace, gave Pharaoh a respite, that he might assemble the magicians from the cities.
  • گفت امر آمد برو مهلت ترا ** من بجای خود شدم رستی ز ما
  • He (Moses) said, “The (Divine) command hath come. Go, the respite is (granted) to thee. I depart to my dwelling-place: thou art delivered from me.”