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  • از نظرگاهست ای مغز وجود ** اختلاف ممن و گبر و جهود
  • From the place (object) of view, O (thou who art the) kernel of Existence, there arises the difference between the true believer and the Zoroastrian and the Jew.
  • اختلاف کردن در چگونگی و شکل پیل
  • The disagreement as to the description and shape of the elephant.
  • پیل اندر خانه‌ی تاریک بود ** عرضه را آورده بودندش هنود
  • The elephant was in a dark house: some Hindús had brought it for exhibition.
  • از برای دیدنش مردم بسی ** اندر آن ظلمت همی‌شد هر کسی 1260
  • In order to see it, many people were going, every one, into that darkness.
  • دیدنش با چشم چون ممکن نبود ** اندر آن تاریکیش کف می‌بسود
  • As seeing it with the eye was impossible, (each one) was feeling it in the dark with the palm of his hand.
  • آن یکی را کف به خرطوم اوفتاد ** گفت همچون ناودانست این نهاد
  • The hand of one fell on its trunk: he said, “This creature is like a water-pipe.”
  • آن یکی را دست بر گوشش رسید ** آن برو چون بادبیزن شد پدید
  • The hand of another touched its ear: to him it appeared to be like a fan.
  • آن یکی را کف چو بر پایش بسود ** گفت شکل پیل دیدم چون عمود
  • Since another handled its leg, he said, “I found the elephant's shape to be like a pillar.”
  • آن یکی بر پشت او بنهاد دست ** گفت خود این پیل چون تختی بدست 1265
  • Another laid his hand on its back: he said, “Truly, this elephant was like a throne.”
  • همچنین هر یک به جزوی که رسید ** فهم آن می‌کرد هر جا می‌شنید
  • Similarly, whenever any one heard (a description of the elephant), he understood (it only in respect of) the part that he had touched.
  • از نظرگه گفتشان شد مختلف ** آن یکی دالش لقب داد این الف
  • On account of the (diverse) place (object) of view, their statements differed: one man entitled it “dál,” another “alif.”