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  • پیش سلطان خوش نشسته در قبول ** زشت باشد جستن نامه و رسول 1405
  • Seated happily beside the Sultan (and) in favour (with him) —’twould be disgraceful to seek letter and messenger.
  • داستان مشغول شدن عاشقی به عشق‌نامه خواندن و مطالعه کردن عشق‌نامه درحضور معشوق خویش و معشوق آن را ناپسند داشتن کی طلب الدلیل عند حضور المدلول قبیح والاشتغال بالعلم بعد الوصول الی المعلوم مذموم
  • Story of a lover's being engrossed in reading and perusing a love-letter in the presence of his beloved, and how the beloved was displeased thereat. It is shameful to seek the proof in the presence of that which is proved, and blameworthy to occupy one's self with knowledge after having attained to that which is known.
  • آن یکی را یار پیش خود نشاند ** نامه بیرون کرد و پیش یار خواند
  • A certain man, (when) his beloved let (him) sit beside her, produced a letter and read it to her.
  • بیتها در نامه و مدح و ثنا ** زاری و مسکینی و بس لابه‌ها
  • In the letter were verses and praise and laud, lamentation and wretchedness and many humble entreaties.
  • گفت معشوق این اگر بهر منست ** گاه وصل این عمر ضایع کردنست
  • The beloved said, “If this is for my sake, (to read) this at the time of (our) meeting is to waste one's life.
  • من به پیشت حاضر و تو نامه خوان ** نیست این باری نشان عاشقان
  • I am here beside thee, and thou reading a letter! This, at any rate, is not the mark of (true) lovers.”
  • گفت اینجا حاضری اما ولیک ** من نمی‌یایم نصیب خویش نیک 1410
  • He replied, “Thou art present here, but I am not gaining my pleasure well (completely).
  • آنچ می‌دیدم ز تو پارینه سال ** نیست این دم گرچه می‌بینم وصال
  • That which I felt last year on account of thee is non-existent at this moment, though I am experiencing union (with thee).
  • من ازین چشمه زلالی خورده‌ام ** دیده و دل ز آب تازه کرده‌ام
  • I have drunk cool water from this fountain, I have refreshed eye and heart with its water.
  • چشمه می‌بینم ولیکن آب نی ** راه آبم را مگر زد ره‌زنی
  • I am (still) seeing the fountain, but the water is not there: maybe some brigand has waylaid (and cut off) my water.”
  • گفت پس من نیستم معشوق تو ** من به بلغار و مرادت در قتو
  • She said, “Then I am not thy beloved: I am in Bulghár, and the object of thy desire is in Qutú