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  • کوه و مرغان هم‌رسایل با دمش ** هردو اندر وقت دعوت محرمش
  • The mountains and the birds are accompanying his breath (voice), both are his confidants in the hour of his calling (unto God);
  • این و صد چندین مرورا معجزات ** نور رویش بی جهان و در جهات
  • These and a hundred times as many miracles are (vouchsafed) to him; the light of his countenance is (both) transcendent and immanent—
  • با همه تمکین خدا روزی او ** کرده باشد بسته اندر جست و جو 1475
  • Notwithstanding all (this) majesty, God must have made his livelihood to be bound up with seeking and endeavour.
  • بی زره‌بافی و رنجی روزیش ** می‌نیاید با همه پیروزیش
  • Without weaving coats of mail and (without) some trouble (on his part), his livelihood is not coming (to him), notwithstanding all his victoriousness.
  • این چنین مخذول واپس مانده‌ای ** خانه کنده دون و گردون‌رانده‌ای
  • (Yet) a God-forsaken abandoned one like this, a low scoundrel and outcast from Heaven,
  • این چنین مدبر همی خواهد که زود ** بی تجارت پر کند دامن ز سود
  • A backslider of this sort, desires, without trading, at once to fill his skirt (pocket) with gain!
  • این چنین گیجی بیامد در میان ** که بر آیم بر فلک بی نردبان
  • Such a crazy fellow has come forward, saying, ‘I will climb up to the sky without a ladder.’”
  • این همی‌گفتش بتسخر رو بگیر ** که رسیدت روزی و آمد بشیر 1480
  • This one would say to him derisively, “Go and receive (it), for your daily portion has arrived and the messenger has come with the good news”;
  • و آن همی خندید ما را هم بده ** زانچ یابی هدیه‌ای سالار ده
  • And that one would laugh, (saying), “Give us too (a share) of what you get as a gift, O headman of the village.”
  • او ازین تشنیع مردم وین فسوس ** کم نمی‌کرد از دعا و چاپلوس
  • (But) he was not diminishing his prayers and wheedling entreaties because of this abuse and ridicule from the people,