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  • او همان دست آورد در گیر و دار ** بر گمان آنک هست او بر قرار
  • And he bears that same hand into the combat, thinking that it remains firm (intact).
  • خود ببیند دست رفته در ضرر ** خون ازو بسیار رفته بی‌خبر
  • (Afterwards) indeed he will see that his hand has been injured (and that) much blood has gone from him unawares.
  • در بیان آنک تن روح را چون لباسی است و این دست آستین دست روحست واین پای موزه‌ی پای روحست
  • Explaining that the body is as a garment to the spirit, and that this (bodily) hand is the sleeve of the spirit's hand, and that this (bodily) foot is the shoe of the spirit's foot.
  • تا بدانی که تن آمد چون لباس ** رو بجو لابس لباسی را ملیس 1610
  • (I mention this insensibility to pain) that you may know that the body is like a garment. Go, seek the wearer of the garment, do not lick (kiss) a garment.
  • روح را توحید الله خوشترست ** غیر ظاهر دست و پای دیگرست
  • To the spirit the knowledge of the Unity (of God) is sweeter (than care for the body): it hath a hand and foot different from those which are visible.
  • دست و پا در خواب بینی و ایتلاف ** آن حقیقت دان مدانش از گزاف
  • You may behold in dream the (spiritual) hand and foot and their connexion (with the spiritual body): deem that (vision) a reality, deem it not to be in vain.
  • آن توی که بی بدن داری بدن ** پس مترس از جسم و جان بیرون شدن
  • You are such that without the (material) body you have a (spiritual) body: do not, then, dread the going forth of the soul from the body.
  • حکایت آن درویش کی در کوه خلوت کرده بود و بیان حلاوت انقطاع و خلوت و داخل شدن درین منقبت کی انا جلیس من ذکرنی و انیس من استانس بی گر با همه‌ای چو بی منی بی همه‌ای ور بی همه‌ای چو با منی با همه‌ای
  • Story of the dervish who had secluded himself in the mountains, with an account of the sweetness of severance (from the world) and seclusion and of entering upon this path, for (God hath said), “I am the companion of them that commemorate Me and the friend of them that take Me as their friend. If thou art with all, thou art without all when thou art without Me; And if thou art without all, thou art with all when thou art with Me.”
  • بود درویشی بکهساری مقیم ** خلوت او را بود هم خواب و ندیم
  • There was a dervish dwelling in a mountainous place: solitude was his bedfellow and boon-companion.
  • چون ز خالق می‌رسید او را شمول ** بود از انفاس مرد و زن ملول 1615
  • Since collectedness (spiritual quiet) was coming for him from the Creator, he was weary of the breaths of man and woman.
  • همچنانک سهل شد ما را حضر ** سهل شد هم قوم دیگر را سفر
  • Just as staying at home is easy to us, so travelling is easy to another class of people.
  • آنچنانک عاشقی بر سروری ** عاشقست آن خواجه بر آهنگری
  • In the same way as thou art in love with dominion, that worthy man is in love with the ironsmith's handicraft.