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  • گفت بشنیدم سخن کر نیستم ** تا نپنداری که بی معنیستم
  • He (the goldsmith) said, “I heard what you said, I am not deaf; you must not think that I am nonsensical.
  • این شنیدم لیک پیری مرتعش ** دست لرزان جسم تو نا منتعش
  • I heard this (request), but you are a shaky old man: your hand is trembling and your body is not erect;
  • وان زر تو هم قراضه‌ی خرد مرد ** دست لرزد پس بریزد زر خرد 1630
  • And moreover that gold of yours consists of little tiny filings: your hand trembles, so the fragments of gold will drop (from it);
  • پس بگویی خواجه جاروبی بیار ** تا بجویم زر خود را در غبار
  • Then you will say, ‘Sir, fetch a broom, that I may look in the dust for my gold.’
  • چون بروبی خاک را جمع آوری ** گوییم غلبیر خواهم ای جری
  • When you sweep (with the broom), you will gather dust (along with the gold); you will say to me, ‘I want the sieve, O gallant man.’
  • من ز اول دیدم آخر را تمام ** جای دیگر رو ازینجا والسلام
  • I from the beginning discerned the end complete. Go from here to some other place, and farewell!”
  • بقیه‌ی قصه‌ی آن زاهد کوهی کی نذر کرده بود کی میوه‌ی کوهی از درخت باز نکنم و درخت نفشانم و کسی را نگویم صریح و کنایت کی بیفشان آن خورم کی باد افکنده باشد از درخت
  • The rest of the Story of the ascetic of the mountain who had made a vow that he would not pluck any mountain fruit from the trees or shake the trees or tell any one to shake them, either plainly or in veiled terms, and that he would only eat what the wind might cause to fall from the trees.
  • اندر آن که بود اشجار و ثمار ** بس مرودی کوهی آنجا بی‌شمار
  • On that mountain were trees and fruits; there were many mountain-pears- (they were) numberless.
  • گفت آن درویش یا رب با تو من ** عهد کردم زین نچینم در زمن 1635
  • The dervish said, “O Lord, I make a covenant with Thee (that) I will not pluck any of these during the time (of my life).
  • جز از آن میوه که باد انداختش ** من نچینم از درخت منتعش
  • I will not pluck from the raised-up (lofty) tress (aught) but the fruit that the wind has caused to fall.”
  • مدتی بر نذر خود بودش وفا ** تا در آمد امتحانات قضا
  • For a while he kept his vow faithfully: (he kept it) till the tribulations of Destiny came on.