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  • صنعت زراد او کم دیده بود ** درعجب می‌ماند وسواسش فزود
  • He had not seen the armourer's handicraft (before), (so) he remained in astonishment and his curiosity increased—
  • کین چه شاید بود وا پرسم ازو ** که چه می‌سازی ز حلقه تو بتو 1845
  • “What can this be? I will ask him what he is making with the interfolded rings.”
  • باز با خود گفت صبر اولیترست ** صبر تا مقصود زوتر رهبرست
  • Again he said to himself, “Patience is better: patience is the quickest guide to the object of one's quest.”
  • چون نپرسی زودتر کشفت شود ** مرغ صبر از جمله پران‌تر بود
  • When you ask no question, the sooner will it (the secret) be disclosed to you: the bird, patience, flies faster than all (others);
  • ور بپرسی دیرتر حاصل شود ** سهل از بی صبریت مشکل شود
  • And if you ask, the more slowly will your object be gained: what is easy will be made difficult by your impatience.
  • چونک لقمان تن بزد هم در زمان ** شد تمام از صنعت داود آن
  • When Luqmán kept silence, straightway that (work of making rings) was finished by David's craftsmanship.
  • پس زره سازید و در پوشید او ** پیش لقمان کریم صبرخو 1850
  • Then he fashioned a coat of mail and put it on in the presence of the noble and patient Luqmán.
  • گفت این نیکو لباسست ای فتی ** درمصاف و جنگ دفع زخم را
  • “This,” he said, “is an excellent garment, O young man, for warding off blows on the battle-field and in war.”
  • گفت لقمان صبر هم نیکو دمیست ** که پناه و دافع هر جا غمیست
  • Luqmán said, “Patience too is of good effect, for it is the protection and defence against pain everywhere.”
  • صبر را با حق قرین کرد ای فلان ** آخر والعصر را آگه بخوان
  • He (God) hath joined sabr (patience) with haqq (the real and permanent): O reader, recite attentively the end of (the Súra) Wa’l-‘asr.