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  • گفت اگر اسمی شود غیب از ولی ** آن ز استغراق دان نه از جاهلی
  • He (one of the seven men) said, ‘If a name vanish from (the consciousness of) a saint, know that that is (the result arising) from (his) absorption (in God), not from ignorance.’
  • بعد از آن گفتند ما را آرزوست ** اقتدا کردن به تو ای پاک دوست
  • Afterwards they said, ‘We desire to follow thy leadership (in prayer), O holy friend.’
  • گفتم آری لیک یک ساعت که من ** مشکلاتی دارم از دور زمن 2065
  • ‘Yes,’ said I, ‘but (wait) awhile—for I have certain difficulties (derived) from the revolution of Time—
  • تا شود آن حل به صحبتهای پاک ** که به صحبت روید انگوری ز خاک
  • In order that they may be solved by means of holy companionships; for through companionship a grape grows from the earth.
  • دانه‌ی پرمغز با خاک دژم ** خلوتی و صحبتی کرد از کرم
  • A kernelly seed graciously consorted in solitary intercourse with the dark earth;
  • خویشتن در خاک کلی محو کرد ** تا نماندش رنگ و بو و سرخ و زرد
  • It effaced itself entirely in the earth, so that no colour or scent or red or yellow (hue) remained to it.
  • از پس آن محو قبض او نماند ** پرگشاد و بسط شد مرکب براند
  • After that effacement its constriction ceased: it opened its wings and expanded and sped on its way.
  • پیش اصل خویش چون بی‌خویش شد ** رفت صورت جلوه‌ی معنیش شد 2070
  • Inasmuch as it became selfless in the presence of its origin, the form departed (from it) and its real essence was displayed.’
  • سر چنین کردند هین فرمان تراست ** تف دل از سر چنین کردن بخاست
  • They nodded so (as though saying), ‘Hark, ’tis for thee to command,’ and from their nodding so a flame arose in my heart.
  • ساعتی با آن گروه مجتبی ** چون مراقب گشتم و از خود جدا
  • When for a while I had taken part with that elect company in contemplation (of God) and had been separated from myself,