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  • حقها بر وی تو ثابت کرده‌ای ** رنجها در کار او بس برده‌ای 260
  • You have laid obligations on him, you have taken great pains on his account,
  • او همی‌خواهد که بعضی حق آن ** وا گزارد چون شوی تو میهمان
  • And he wishes to repay some part of that obligation when you become his guest.
  • بس وصیت کرد ما را او نهان ** که کشیدش سوی ده لابه‌کنان
  • He gave us many injunctions in secret: ‘Bring him to the country,’ said he, ‘coaxing (him to come).’”
  • گفت حقست این ولی ای سیبویه ** اتق من شر من احسنت الیه
  • He (the townsman) said, “This is true, but, O Síbawayh, be on thy guard against the malice of him to whom thou hast shown kindness.
  • دوستی تخم دم آخر بود ** ترسم از وحشت که آن فاسد شود
  • Love is the seed (that bears fruit at the moment) of the last breath: I fear that it may be corrupted by estrangement.”
  • صحبتی باشد چو شمشیر قطوع ** همچو دی در بوستان و در زروع 265
  • There is a friendship like a cutting sword, (destructive) as December in the gardens and cornfields;
  • صحبتی باشد چو فصل نوبهار ** زو عمارتها و دخل بی‌شمار
  • There is a friendship like the season of spring, whence (come) restorations and produce incalculable.
  • حزم آن باشد که ظن بد بری ** تا گریزی و شوی از بد بری
  • Prudence is this, that you think evil, so that you may flee and become quit of evil.
  • حزم س الظن گفتست آن رسول ** هر قدم را دام می‌دان ای فضول
  • The Prophet has said, “Prudence is (consists in) thinking evil”: know that for every footstep there is a snare, O fool!
  • روی صحرا هست هموار و فراخ ** هر قدم دامیست کم ران اوستاخ
  • The surface of the plateau is level and broad, (but at) every step there is a snare: do not advance boldly.