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  • بس عزیزی که بناز اشکار شد ** چون شکارت شد بر تو خوار شد
  • There is many a dear one that was hunted (by thee) with blandishments: when he became thy prey, he became cheap in thine eyes.
  • آشنایی عقل با عقل از صفا ** چون شود هر دم فزون باشد ولا
  • When from sincerity the friendship of intellect with intellect arises, every moment the devotion is increased;
  • آشنایی نفس با هر نفس پست ** تو یقین می‌دان که دم دم کمترست 2690
  • (But) know for sure, the friendship of the carnal soul with any base carnal soul is momently diminished,
  • زانک نفسش گرد علت می‌تند ** معرفت را زود فاسد می‌کند
  • Because his carnal soul hovers round disease and soon corrupts the (friendly) acquaintance.
  • گر نخواهی دوست را فردا نفیر ** دوستی با عاقل و با عقل گیر
  • If thou dost not wish thy friend to be averse (to thee) on the morrow, take (choose) friendship with the intelligent and with the intellect.
  • از سموم نفس چون با علتی ** هر چه گیری تو مرض را آلتی
  • Inasmuch as thou art sick from the simoom of the carnal soul, whatever thou mayst take thou art the instrument for (infecting it with) disease.
  • گر بگیری گوهری سنگی شود ** ور بگیری مهر دل جنگی شود
  • If thou take a jewel, it becomes a (common) stone; and if thou take kindness of heart, it becomes a hatred;
  • ور بگیری نکته‌ی بکری لطیف ** بعد درکت گشت بی‌ذوق و کثیف 2695
  • And if thou take a fine original saying, after thy apprehension (of it) it has become tasteless and gross—
  • که من این را بس شنیدم کهنه شد ** چیز دیگر گو بجز آن ای عضد
  • ‘I have heard this many a time; it has become old: tell something else besides this, O trusty friend.’
  • چیز دیگر تازه و نو گفته گیر ** باز فردا زان شوی سیر و نفیر
  • Suppose that something else fresh and new has been said, again to-morrow thou art surfeited with it and averse.